Genomics & Personalized Medicine

MicroRNA pharmacogenomics: Post-transcriptional regulation of drug response. Adapted from Trends Mol Med. 2011

Genetic research is an important part of our departments of Human Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, Anatomy and Anthopology, and Cell and Developmental Biology. The  National Laboratory for the Genetics of Israeli Populations provides an important resource for genetic mapping and research.


A closer look at our cutting-edge research:


"Alternative Splicing Generates Transcriptomic Diversity in Genetic Disorders & Cancer"


Prof. Gil Ast studies two aspects of alternative splicing: benefits of evoultion as well as mutations that may lead to cancer.


"Genomic Analysis of Hereditary Hearing Loss"  

Prof. Karen B. Avraham and her group work to identify and characterize the genes associated with hereditary hearing loss, and study gene expression and regulation of the peripheral and central auditory system.


"Genomic Biomarkers for CNS Drug Response"  

Dr. David Gurwitz, Ph.D. is the Director of the National Laboratory for the Genetics of Israeli Populations. His primary interest is in finding genomic biomarkers for the response to CNS drugs –  for improving personalized medicine with respect to both treatment efficacy and safety.


"microRNA and DICER in Differentiation and Malignant Transformation of Melanocytes"  

Dr. Carmit Levy, Ph.D. focuses the studies in her lab on melanocytes in order to provide the foundation for developing novel approaches in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of skin cancer in general and melanoma in particular.


"Genetic and Metabolic Research of Age-Dependent Chronic Degenerative Disease"  

Prof. Zvi (Gregory) Livshits, Ph.D. focuses on age-related chronic degenerative disease, such as osteoporosis,
osteoarthritis, including disc degeneration disease and muscle mass loss - sarcopenia.


"Genomics and Gene Regulation by Small RNAs"  

Dr. Noam Shomron, Ph.D. explores microRNA regulation in order to reach a global, systems perspective of the mechanistic roles microRNAs play during disease development



"Genomic-scale Bioinfomatics Exploration of Gene Regulation"


Dr. Ran Elkon, Ph.D  focuses on understanding mechanisms of gene regulation. He aims to discover how interruptions in regulatory mechanisms contribute to the development of human pathological conditions. 

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