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Nearly 1200 students are enrolled in our six programs, gaining the theoretical knowledge and clinical experience needed for the field.
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ChairDr. Silvia Koton  
AssistantMrs. Sima Eliya  
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The Department of Nursing has played a pioneering role in the academization of the profession in Israel, by first introducing the B.A. program and later the M.A. degree. The mission of the Department is to provide future nurses with a broad foundation in nursing, medicine, and the social sciences, as well as the skills gained from extensive clinical experience. Nearly 1200 students are enrolled in our programs, and our Department trains them to contribute to society, the university, and to the profession of nursing in Israel and abroad.


Currently, we offer six programs:

  1. A 4-year B.A. program leading to a Registered Nurse diploma (R.N.) and a Bachelor degree in nursing (B.A.)
  2. A post-baccalaureate 2-year B.A. for registered nurses
  3. The PISGAH program for IDF soldiers, which grants a Registered Nurse degree (R.N.) and a Bachelor degree in nursing (B.A.)
  4. A second Professional B.A. in Nursing for students who already hold a B.A. degree
  5. A 2-year M.A. program with majors in Nursing Education, Administration and Advanced Clinical Practice
  6. A 2-year Ph.D. for nurses studying at Tel Aviv University and nurse-doctoral students from other universities in Israel


In addition, the Department offers continuing education courses on a variety of relevant topics.


The Department puts emphasis on research for faculty and advanced students. Nursing students may choose to complete individual Master theses and Doctoral dissertations, or research within one of several cluster research projects ongoing in the Department.


Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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