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updated: 14.09.2020


The Sackler Faculty of Medicine is looking for excellent and highly motivated graduate students (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) and postdoctoral students for our research labs. Research occurs on TAU's campus, in affiliated clinical sites, and in our research institutes.


Open Positions

Open positions for MSc and PhD students and a lab manager in a new neurobiology lab in Tel Aviv University Faculty of medicine.


Research in the lab focuses on understanding how experience continuously shapes neuronal activity in the brain. The tools we will use are custom-built state of the art microscopy, gene editing and in vivo imaging, which will allow monitoring of protein signaling dynamics and neuronal activity in awake behaving mice.


For more information please see the following or contact Dr. Tal Laviv at:


Posted September 10, 2020.

Research associate / lab manager position @ Evolutionary Neural Coding Lab


Join our team to participate in cutting edge research on sensory perception and the organization of population dynamics in reptiles.


Job description:

  • Execution and management of scientific projects.
  • Student guidance.
  • Routine lab management.


Job requirements:

  • Passion for science.
  • PhD/MA in life science (or equivalent).
  • Experience in leading scientific projects.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Preference to candidates with a experience in electrophysiology, imaging or animal behavior.

For more information please checkout our webpage ( or send us an email  (



PhD / Postdoc position @ Evolutionary Neural Coding Lab

Join our team to discover global organizational principles of neuronal codes in the ancestral cortices of reptiles.



  • Passion for science and scientific curiosity.
  • Background in Neuroscience (preference will be given to candidates with good quantitative skills and experience in large-scale electrophysiology / animal behavior / Ca imaging).


For more information please checkout our webpage ( or send us an email  (


Posted September 14, 2020



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