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updated: 17.07.2023


The Faculty of Medicine is looking for excellent and highly motivated graduate students (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) and postdoctoral students for our research labs. Research occurs on TAU's campus, in affiliated clinical sites, and in our research institutes.


Vacancy for master's student in a research laboratory at the Sagol Center for Neuroscience in Sheba, Tel Hashomer

We are looking for a Masters (Msc) for the blood-brain barrier laboratory at the Sagol Neuroscience Center in Tel Hashomer. (

The main goal of the lab is to understand how BBB dysfunction leads to neurodegenerative diseases. The research includes work with cell cultures and various biochemical and molecular procedures in a dynamic, interactive and interesting research environment.

The candidate must have a Bachelor's of Science (BSc) degree in Life sciences: Biology, Biochemistry, excellent interpersonal skills and high commitment.

The suitable candidate will acquire training on unique laboratory skills helpful in future career development .The degree and courses will be part of the Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University MSc degree track.

Additional details and C.V please send to:

Dr. Itzik Cooper 03-5303693;

Dr. Alicia Leikin-Frenkel; ;


Postdoc, PhD, MD/PhD, and MSc Positions in Stem Cell and Developmental Biology, Regenerative Medicine and Aging Biology at the Kidney Research Lab, Tel-Aviv University & Sheba Medical Center, part of the Sagol Center of Regenerative Medicine (Tel-Aviv University)


We have several open positions for postdoctoral fellows and PhD, MD/PhD and MSc students.


Our group employs multi-disciplinary approaches combining single cell multiomics, spatial transcriptomics, 3D organoid models, transgenic mouse models and AI-based tools to explore key questions in the exciting fields of stem cells and regenerative medicine and aging, particularly in the following projects:

  • Organoid models & single cell analyses of kidney stem cells and development (in collaboration with U Penn).
  • Aging and cellular senescence (in collaboration with the Weizmann Institue of Science).
  • CRISPR and AI-based modelling of kidney cancer.


We provide an international, innovative, friendly and interdisciplinary work environment, with access to state-of-the-art technologies. In addition, being based in a large medical center, we uniquely have access to human tissues, allowing us to pursue goals that directly impact patient health.


We seek exceptional students to join our team.


Suitable candidates should send their CV to:


MSc/PhD in neurobiology in the  Laviv lab  at the Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

The main goal of the lab is to understand the molecular processes regulating information transfer in the brain. We develop and use biosensors, CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, and advanced microscopy to visualise dynamics of neuronal activity and biochemical signalling in the living brain. 

  • Specific projects in the lab: 

    -The role of transcription factors in regulation of long-lasting synaptic plasticity.

    -Signalling between synapses to the nucleus in cortical circuits and how failure in this signalling feature can lead to cognitive and developmental disorders.  

    - Development of new techniques for monitoring and manipulating neuronal signalling. 

 Previous experience with any of the following will be advantageous: molecular biology, tissue processing, imaging and microscopy, animal models.

For more information and application, please send CV to Dr. Tal Laviv


MSc/PhD students in Neurodevelopment, Transcription Regulation and Genetics of Human Retinal Diseases

We study the mechanism of gene regulation in neurodevelopment and genetics of human retinal diseases focusing on transcription factors and epigenetic factors, and the bound genomic regions in ocular tissue differentiation. The projects combine functional studies using stem cells and mouse genetic tools, bioinformatics analyses of complex genomic data, and high-resolution imaging approaches.

  • Candidates should have a Bachelor's of Science (BSc) degree (preferably with experimental experience) in life sciences; prior experience in molecular biology, biochemistry, tissue culture, mouse genetic tools, and/or the use of bioinformatics tools is desirable.

Please send a CV to:

Ruth Ashery-Padan (




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