Welcome from the Dean

Prof. Ehud Grossman

Prof. Ehud Grossman, Dean

The Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, the largest in Israel, trains professionals and researchers in various medical professions. We combine excellence in research with clinical work, and we aim to provide students with a solid foundation in both areas.


The Faculty includes approximately 2000 faculty members engaged in teaching, research and clinical guidance on campus in Ramat Aviv and in affiliated departments in six general medical centers, six psychiatric hospitals, two rehabilitation centers and a number of community clinics. These facilities provide our students with extensive exposure to scientists, various clinical and research approaches and diverse patient populations. In the Faculty there are six schools that provide Bachelor's and advanced degrees in medical and paramedical professions.


The School of Medicine has three programs for the M.D. degree: The Six-Year Program, the Four-Year Program for Bachelor's degree students and the New York Program for students from the US and Canada. The goal of these programs is to train outstanding physicians with high-level theoretical knowledge, develop cutting edge clinical skills, and promote ethical, professional behavior. Approximately 240 students per year participate in these programs. The Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine trains its students for the Doctor of Dentistry, DMD degree. The School of Health Professions trains students for a Bachelor's degree in the following subjects: nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and communication disorders. About 2000 students study in these programs on TAU's campus and in affiliated hospitals.


Three schools in the faculty train for graduate degrees. The Adelson Graduate School for Advanced Degrees includes educational and research programs towards a master's degree (M.Sc.) and doctorate (Ph.D.) in a variety of basic medical sciences. Each student has the option to choose a combination of courses designed to prepare him to be a leading researcher in his field. Faculty researchers guide the students in their research work and are engaged in a range of basic research topics.The School of Public Health trains its graduates towards advanced degrees that will lead to senior positions in the health care system. Teaching and research areas included in the School of Public Health are: epidemiology, health systems management (in collaboration with the Faculty of Management), health promotion, occupational medicine and management of crisis and disaster situations. The School of Continuing Education in Medicine is the first and largest school of this kind in the country and includes nearly 2000 professional participants. The program is designed for training medical doctors in their specialization areas.


The Sackler Faculty of Medicine is among the highest quality faculties in this region due to the scope of our clinical and research activities, the quality of our doctors and researchers, the available resources, and the variety of opportunities open to our students.


Graduates of our Faculty make important contributions in Israel and abroad. They play important roles in health systems and in universities locally and globally. Our graduates' success is the clearest indicator of the strength and status of our schools and programs.


Warm regards,

Prof. Ehud Grossman, Dean


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