Chemical Safety

A biology research laboratory is based on chemicals collection for solutions and buffer stocks. It is imperative to work with proper and reliable substances


Chemical Safety


Safe chemical handling requires routine inspections of chemical storage areas and maintenance of stringent inventory control.




Information regarding chemical characteristics can be obtained from the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Keep a MSDS library file in your lab computer.



MSDS guidelines

Read the MSDS prior preparing or using your solution/chemical

Keep a list of MSDS chemicals in your lab

Note the three important topics in the MSDS:

                    Item 2. Hazardous identification

                    Item 4. First aid measures

                    Item 8. Exposure and personal protection



Educational computer training

For educational computer training and instructions log in mytau, enter Moodle, then perform tutorials לומדות לפי הנחיית הפקולטה.

Biology lab members have to perform tutorials in Biology and Chemistry



Safety Staff: Information, accident, emergency

Chemical Supervisor at the Safety UnitDr. Menachem Genut, tel: 03- 03-6405676, Safety Unit TAU 


Safety Unit TAU: Rahamim Hadar tel: 03-6407555


Safety Officer and Safety Lecturer at Sackler Faculty of Medicine: Dr. Debora Rapaport, tel: 03-6405137, Sackler building, 7th floor, room 703 alef




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