Radiation worker and monitor exposure

Radiation workers are authorized by the Radiation Safety Officer to work with radioactive materials and operate radiation-producing equipment

Radiation worker and monitor exposure

If you plan to work with radioactive material or a radiation equipment contact the Safety Officer Dr. Debora Rapaport, tel: 03-6405137, Faculty of Medicine building, 7th floor, room 703 alef for previous instructions and guidelines.



Rules and regulations for the radiation worker

  • Annual health certification: including medical tests performed by an occupational safety doctor, blood tests, eye examination (repeated every 3 years and when ending the radioactive work)


For details contact Anat-Koren-Dror from the Safety Unit, 03-6407289.


Forms for heath certification (Kupat Holim). fill the forms according to your kupat holim. Foreign post-docs should contact their Health insurance for medical tests:






  • Educational computer training is required for new radiation worker following an annual refresh training. Log in mytau, enter Moodle, then perform tutorials on Radiation with isotopes (if you work with isotopes) or radiation for X-ray devices (if you work with Roentgen)




  • Safe handling and safe storage of radioactive material


  • To handle the radioactive material in the room established and authorized for the use of specific isotope without transferring to another room not authorized 



  • To proper dispose to radioactive waste and the end of the experiment, cleaning and monitoring the work area


  • To clean the spill isotope surfaces with Radioacwash spray or with water and soap (prepare a spill kit), monitor with the Geiger until clearance; confine the spill immediately


  • Notify all workers in the room; evacuate workers not dealing with the spill


  • Emergency, accidental exposure notify the Radiation safety:


Rinat Edelheit

Radiation Safety Supervisor

03-6409555; 050-5997710

Dr. Debora Rapaport

Radiation Safety Officer Faculty of Medicine

03-6405137; 054-4470298

Dr. Celeste Weiss-Katz

Radiation Safety Officer Faculty of Life Sciences

03-6405100; 052-4581655




The radiation dosimeter is a personal dose measuring instrument to monitor and estimate the external radiation dose deposite in the device.

Dosimeters are supplied from Soreq Nuclear Research Center upon request to the Safety Officer filling the form

Dosimeter is body or finger tag superseded by thermoluminescent dosimetry (TLD) badges.

Dosimeter monitor workers receive a monthly report indicating the exposure rate in mSv (mili Sievert).




To monitor the experiment area, hands and bench use the Geiger monitor. Geiger calibration is annually in a synchronize manner at the Faculty by the Safety Officer.


List of Geigers

Geiger model

Lab responsible

Calibration date

Rotem Ram gene-1 Geiger Servy Meter Yellow

Dr Debora Rapaport

August 2023

Geiger Servy Meter Yellow

Dr Debora Rapaport

August 2023

Rotem GM-10 0289085

Prof Nathan Dascal

August 2023


Dr Gilad Mass

August 2023


Dr Gilad Mass

August 2023

RAM Surf Meter BAK-2086

Prof Yona Keisari

August 2023









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