Guidelines for a lab worker

You are responsible that your work is safe to you, to others and to the environment. An appropriate safety research lab is a combination of laboratory practices and techniques, safety equipment, personal protection and laboratory facilities. Each combination is specifically designed for each lab, according to the pathway of transmission of the infectious agents


Guidelines for a lab worker



  • Appropriate clothing is required on lab days: long pants, closed-toe shoes, lab coat in order to limit skin exposure to direct chemical spills or splashes
  • Never work alone in the laboratory without permission and prior knowledge of the Head of the lab and lab manager
  • Report ANY and ALL accidents, spills, BREAKAGES, or injuries, no matter how trivial they appear
  • In case of accident fill the form on MyTau. Log in mytau, enter category tfassim (טפסים), bakashot(בקשות) , haazarot (אזהרות)
  • Safety Officer and Radiation Safety Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine: Dr. Debora Rapaport, tel: 03-6405137, Faculty of Medicine building, 7th floor, room 703 alef




  • Do not use any lab equipment without instruction. Report any damaged or broken equipment to your Supervisor 
  • Know the location of chemical fume hood
  • Any pregnant or immunocompromised student/worker must notify to the Head of the lab. Pregnant women have restrictions to work with:
  1. Isoflurane
  2. Cytotoxic materials


1. Adherence to standard microbiological practices and techniques

  • Proper training how to use laboratory equipment
  • Adherence to standard microbiological practices & techniques
  • To plan the experiment
  • To minimize the occurrence of common accidents


2Personal protection

  • Clothes
  • Handling mice procedures
  • Hygienic habits
  • Work in biological hood
  • Vaccines
  • Avoid penetration of pathogens




  • For educational computer training and instructions log in MyTau, enter Moodle, then perform tutorials לומדות לפי הנחיית הפקולטה.

    Biology research lab members have to perform tutorials in Biology and Chemistry.

    Lab members handling autoclave have to perform tutorial on autoclave.

    Lab members working with X-rays, radiation sealed equipments and isotopes  have to performed tutorials in X-ray/Radiation 

  • Each student/worker is required to leave the public places clean and organized: departmental chemical hoods, shared biological safety cabinets, shared radioactive rooms and autoclave rooms


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