Chemical waste

Chemical powders should be disposed in the original container in plain plastic bags carrying the label with full information of the material. Chemical liquid waste containers should be filled up to 75% capacity to allow vapor expansion



Chemical waste

Chemical liquid waste containers should be filled up to 75% capacity to allow vapor expansion



Guidelines for chemical waste


1. Pick-up chemical waste is routinely every 3 weeks by Tabib company 

2. Sackler safety officer will send a table one week before the deadline pick-up date. Add: Fill the table accordingly

3. Minimize your waste (no gloves, papers)

4. Plastic bags for chemical waste in TAU warehouse

Catalog  items TAU warehouse

Plastic bags for chemical waste

Price NIS

Item details

Cat number


Plastic bags 51/60

שקית כימית תכלת MD


2. 5

Plastic bags 75/60

שקית כימית תכלת MD


5. Segregate your waste according to Tabib instructions 

6. Cytotoxic waste is collected by Tabib together with chemical waste 

7. Labels for chemical waste are provided by the Safety Unit. You can find the labels at Safety Officer room, Faculty of Medicine building, 7th floor, room 703 alef  Dr. Debora Rapaport



Labels for chemical waste segregation

Toxic chemical

Organic materials

Corrosive basics

Corrosive acids





Sharp waste

Ethidium bromide


8. Empty bottles

Criteria for chemical removal in the lab: Tabib pick-up

Chemicals with expired date

Chemicals of no use in the lab

Chemicals in damaged bottles/damaged plugs: DO NOT TRANSFER TO A NEW BOTTLE

Chemicals in large quantities without need

Chemicals is misleading packaging (coffee or sugar jars for example)

Explosive chemicals (such as Picric acid)









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