Endowed Chairs

updated: 04.02.2024

Norma and Alan Aufzien Chair for Research in Parkinson's Disease and Neurodegenerative Diseases, Prof. Avi Orr-Urteger

The Laura Schwarz-kipp Chair for Research of Autoimmune diseases Prof. Anat Achiron

Yechiel and Helen Lieber Chair for cancer research Prof. Nadir Arber

Zucker-Sussman Chair in Glaucoma Prof. Ruth Asheri-Padan


Dr. Boris (Dov) Quartin Chair in Chemical Pathology Prof. Gil Ast

Andy Lebach Chair for Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Prof Matitiahu Berkovitch

Dr. Sara and Felix Dumont Chair for Research of Hearing Disorders Prof. Karen Avraham

Emma Neiman Chair for Childbirth Research, Prof Jacob Bar

Walton Chair in Interventional Cardiology Prof. Shmuel Banai


Robert and Martha Harden Chair in Mental and Neurological Diseases Prof. Joab Chapman

Stanley Steyer Chair in Prevention and Control of Cancer Prof. Daniel Cohen

The Nancy Gluck Regan in Juvenile Diabetes Prof. Shimon Efrat

Alan and Ada Selwyn Chair in Clinical Infertility Research and Molecular Medicine Prof. Ariel Hourvitz

The Roberts-Guthman Chair in Immunopharmacology Prof. Ariel Munitz 

The Heinrich (Yehezkel) and Barbara (Batia) Sieratzki Chair in Neurology Prof. Nir Giladi

Hella Gertner Chair for Research in Hypertension Prof. Ehud Grossman

Mordechai-Reuven and Jetta Chilewich Chair of Plastic Surgery Prof. Mordechai Gutman

Lily and Avraham Gildor Chair for the Investigation of Growth Factors Prof. Drorit Neumann

Ing. Germanis and Dr. Kaufman Chair in Gastroenterology Prof. Zamir Halpern

Tassia and Dr. Joseph Meyshan Chair of History and Philosophy of Medicine, Prof Arnon Afek

Pearl and Dr. Yechezkiel Klayman Chair of Urology Prof. Benjamin Dekel


The Gregorio and Dora Shapiro Chair for the Research of Malignancies, Prof.  Shai Izraeli

Jose Henrique Manoel Ferreira Chair in Thrombosis and Hemostasis Research Prof. Avichai Shimoni

Chaim Sheba Chair in Cardiology Prof. Samuel Viskin

Nicholas and Elizabeth Slezak Chair in Experimental Surgery, Prof. Dan Grisaro

Rene G. Favoloro Chair of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Interventional Cardiology, Prof. Ran Kornowski

The Joseph Klafter Chair of Biophysics, Prof. Michael Kozlov

Dr. Sol Amsterdam / Dr. David P. Schumann Chair in Medical Education, Prof. Orit Karnieli-Miller

Gabriel Pinkas Chair for Prevention and Diagnosis of Congenital Anomalies Prof. Shlomo Lipitz

Lilian and Marcel Pollak Chair in Biological Anthropology Prof. Yariv Gerber
Sydney A. Fox Chair in Cellular and Molecular Cardiology Prof. Jonathan Leor

David Halperne Chair in Cellular and Molecular Cardiology Prof Jonathan Leor

Igor Orenstein Chair for Study of Geriatrics Prof. Jiska Mansfield Cohen

Tarnesby-Tarnowski Chair for Family Planning and Fertility Regulation Prof. Raoul Orvieto

Irene and Nicholas Marsh Chair in Endocrinology and Juvenile Diabetes Prof. Moshe Phillip


Djerassi Chair in Oncology Prof. Gideon Rehavi

Leon Alcalay Chair in Pediatric Immunology, Prof. Gideon Paret

Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Chair in the Biology of Addictive Diseases Prof. Chaim Pick

Morris and Helen Mauerberger Chair in Neuropharmacology, Prof. Inna Slutsky

Goldberg Family Chair in Pediatric Surgery

David and Inez Myers Chair for Cancer Genetics Prof. Emmilia Hodak

Adler Chair in Pediatric Cardiology Prof. Aviva Fattal-Valevski

The Professor Frederick Reiss Chair in Dermatology Prof. Eli Sprecher

The Hermann and Kurt Lion Chair in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, Prof. Ronit Satchi-Fainaro

Herczeg Memorial Chair of Argentine Friends on Allergy and Related Diseases, Prof. Ronit Sagi-Eisenberg

Lea and Arieh Pickel Chair for Pediatric Research Prof. Raanan Shamir

Gerald A. Niznick Chair in Implant Dentistry Prof. Haim Tal

Ed and Herb Stein Chair in Oral Pathology Prof. Marilena Vered 

Lady Davis Chair of Biochemistry Prof. Haim Werner, Prof. Hagit Eldar-Finkelman

Josefina Maus and Gabriela Cesarman-Maus Chair for Research in Liver Diseases



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