PhD Student Exchange Pilot Program

Monash University Call for Applicants

12 February 2019
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Established in 2013, with support from the Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University (Victoria) Inc., the Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University – Monash University (AFTAM) Awards were set up to encourage research collaborations that combine the expertise of Monash University and Tel Aviv University for greater impact, particularly in complementary capabilities and strategic objectives in the following themes: medical & health sciences, sustainable environments, resilient cultures & communities and social sciences.


In expanding our collaboration in the area of medical & health sciences, we are delighted to announce a call for a PhD Student Exchange Program with a 2-way flow of up to 4 students from both Universities.


Given the different policies and procedures at each University, the following opportunity is on offer:


Monash University will award up to 2 scholarships to their PhD students as follows:

  • Up to 2 RTP stipend scholarships will be awarded at the standard Monash rate for the duration of 3.5

    years to complete a PhD degree at Monash University, together with

  • Up to 2 bursaries to cover travel and living costs for up to 3 months for travel to Tel Aviv University to

    a maximum of AUS $ 7,000 each.


Tel Aviv University will award up to 2 PhD scholarships to their students as follows:

• Up to 2 bursaries to cover travel and living costs for up to 3 months for travel to Monash University to

a maximum of US $ 10,000 each, subject to the regulations of the TAU Travel Authority.


PhD students who arrive under terms of this call for applications must be equipped with full medical insurance /travel insurance that includes medical cover in the event of accidents or any other event that requires medical care. Such insurance must be arranged and paid for by the students and suited to their medical needs for the whole duration of their stay at the host institution, including travel.


At TAU, incoming PhD students' applications will be processed in accordance with academic host regulations. TAU students who will travel to Monash in order to conduct research in the framework of this call for applications will be required to sign an agreement related to Intellectual Property Rights before the travel.


PhD students who visit TAU are required to submit application documents as stated here.


Applications from researchers will be considered in all areas of research that fall within the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University and Biomed at TAU - the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Life Sciences, School of Psychological Sciences, Safra Center for Bioinformatics, and Sagol School of Neuroscience. We strongly encourage new collaborations between researchers across our Universities and welcome applications from newly formed research teams.


In order to apply for this exciting research opportunity, research teams (from each University) are required to complete the application form provided using the following application form. After the due date we will notify the research teams of the outcomes so that successful recipients can advertise their project to attract quality prospective PhD students.


The submission deadline for applications is Friday 22 March 2019


                             PhD Student Exchange Partnership Contacts

                              Monash University          Tel Aviv University 

    Prof Nelli Georgiou-Karistianis

    Associate Dean, Graduate Research

    School of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences   

 Prof. Karen Avraham

 Vice Dean

 Sackler Faculty of Medicine


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