Announcing Scholarship Winners

Healthy Longevity Research Center

05 July 2022
Announcing Scholarship Winners

The new Tel Aviv University Healthy Longevity Research Center brings together excellence in research to generate ideas and translate them into real-life tools for promoting health and improving quality of life among the elderly – physically, emotionally, socially, environmentally, nutritionally, culturally and more.


The following scholarships have been awarded for the year 2022-23


Scholarship awardees


Shayna Fae Bernstein (Isaac Sasson), Post-doctoral trainee Social inequalities in subjective survival expectations: The role of psychosocial and cultural attitudes Faculty of Social Sciences


Adi Cohen (Maayan Gal), PhD student Regulating molecular aging by the engineering of a bispecific CTLA4-VISTA for a tunable immune response Faculty of Medicine


Dina Gat (Moshe Hazan & Ofer Setty), PhD student The macroeconomic effects of labor market frictions – Optimal retirement age of women Faculty of Social Sciences


Valeriya Huendgen (Silvia Koton), PhD student Social attachment, stage of professional development, generational identity, cultural competence, and caring behavior among nurses caring for stroke patients in Israel and Germany Faculty of Medicine


Roza Izgilov (Dafna Benayahu), PhD student Advance Glycation End-products (AGEs) and its role in stem cells biology, metabolic diseases, and aging Faculty of Medicine


Keila Kaplan (Ehud Gazit), MSc student Unbalanced Metabolostasis as an Aging Factor Faculty of Life Sciences


Ellon Nabet (Dan Frenkel), MSc student Assessing the link between increase in cellular senescence in glia cells to impairment in cognition in animal model of Alzheimer’s disease Faculty of Life Sciences 


Noa Meyrom (Daniel Zvi Bar), PhD student Regulation of Kidney function and dysfunction, an age-related morbidity, correlated to biological clocks Faculty of Medicine


Dana Omer (Milette Shamir), PhD student A Middle-Aged Woman’s Place: Questioning the Dominant Life Course in the Works of American Women Authors Faculty of Humanities


Rotem Iris Orad (Dafna Ben-Bashat), PhD student Brain Imaging changes in Dementia with Lewy Bodies: an advanced MRI study Faculty of Medicine


Noa Parizian Steinberg (Idit Weiss-Gal & Yael Benyamini), PhD student Predicting the intention to engage in the field of aging among social work students Faculty of Social Sciences


Lea Peko (Tali Ilovitsh), Post-doctoral trainee Enhancing drug delivery to the brain for age-related diseases using ultrasound and nanobubbles Faculty of Engineering


Ron Sternfeld (Yftach Gepner), MSc student The effects of time-restricted eating and exercise training on cardiometabolic health Faculty of Medicine



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