Prof. Haim Tal

School of Dentistry
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Prof. Haim Tal
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Professor, Department of Periodontology and Oral Implantology, School of Dental Medicine, Tel Aviv University

Chair, Department of Periodontology and Oral Implantology, School of Dental Medicine, Tel Aviv University

Gerald Niznick Chair of Implantology




1977 D.M.D., Hebrew University and Hadassah School of Dental Medicine
1981 M.Dent., University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
1981 Certificate training in Periodontology and Oral Medicine, Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
1983 Ph.D. in Physical Anthropology, Witwatersrand, Johannesburg



Bone Regeneration in the Jaws

Current research is focused on modification of techniques of bone regeneration, investigating the biological qualities of various bone substitute used
to augment atrophic sites in the jaws and stabilizing collagen membrane used in guided bone regeneration procedures.

  • Implant stability – histologic study.
  • Use of synthetic materials in periodontal defects.
  • Evaluation of novel implants – histologic study
  • Grafting extraction sockets
  • Stabilization of resorbable collagen membranes



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