Prof. Ruth Shalgi-Harsina

ביולוגיה תאית והתפתחותית אמריטוס
Prof. Ruth Shalgi-Harsina
Phone: 03-6408685
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Office: Sackler School of Medicine, 305


Professor, Department of Cell and Development Biology, Sackler Faculty of Medicine

Gabriel Pinkas Chair for the Prevention and Diagnosis of Congenital Anomalies

Executive Committee, Open University, Member




1971-1977 Ph.D., Tel Aviv University
1969-1971 M.Sc. (Cum Laude), Zoology, Tel Aviv University
1966-1969 B.Sc., Biology, Tel Aviv University

1969 -1974 Tel Aviv University, Israel, Dept. of Zoology, Assistant
1974 -1977 Tel Aviv University, Israel, Dept. of Zoology, Instructor
1977 -1979 Rockefeller University, NY, Population Council, Postdoctoral Fellow
1980 -1984 Tel Aviv University, Israel, Dept. of Embryology and Teratology, Lecturer
1984 -1991 Tel Aviv University, Israel, Dept. of Embryology and Teratology, Senior Lecturer
1987 Babraham Institute, Cambridge UK, Dept.of Molecular, Embryol., Visiting Scientist
1987 Roche Inst of Molecular Biology, NJ, Dept. Cell & Develop. Biol.,Visiting Scientist
1990 University of Hawaii, HA, Dept. Anatomy & Reproductive Biol., Visiting Scientist
1991-1996 Tel Aviv University, Israel, Dept. of Embryology & Teratology, Associate Professor
1996-present Tel Aviv University, Israel, Dept. Cell & Developmental Biology, Professor

1997-2001 Tel Aviv University, Israel, Dean of students
2001- 2005 Tel Aviv University, Israel, Vice President and Dean for Research
2006-present Gabriel Pinkas Chair for the prevention and diagnosis of congenital anomalies.
2006- 2010 Tel Aviv University, Israel, Vice Dean for Preclinical Affairs, Faculty of Medicine


Our research focuses on Reproductive Physiology in animal models and in humans. The current research directions investigated in the laboratory are:

  • The role of Fyn kinase, member of the Src family kinases, during meiosis and early events of oocyte activation, as well as in cancer cells.
  • Fertility preservation – the signaling pathway leading to apoptosis in aging oocytes and in oocytes exposed to chemotherapeutic treatments and potential protectants.
  • Regulation of angiogenesis in reproductive organs by Pigment epithelium derived factor (PEDF) and treatment of reproductive angiogenic-related pathologies.
  • The role of Interleukin-1alpha in reproductive aging and in chemotherapy-induced exhaustion of ovarian follicular pool. 


Various research methods are routinely used in the laboratory, ranging from in vivo animal studies and cells cultures to an array of protein methodologies such as western blotting, immunohistochemistry, molecular biology techniques as well as cellular and molecular imaging.


Grants and Recent Publications


  • 2014-2018 Israel Science Foundation (ISF) – Post transcription regulation of Fyn kinase by miR-125a-3p in the ovary– potential relevance to ovarian function
  • 2015-2016 Lau Mintz Foundation, Sackler School of Medicine, TAU – The role of miR-125a-3p and Fyn in oocytes’ meiosis
  • 2016-2017 Israel Cancer Association – miR-125a-induced cellular switch elicits a response to anti-HER2 targeted therapy in cancer cells
  • 2016-2017 The Colton Foundation. PEDF for the treatment for uterine fibroids.



Publications since 2012

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