Prof. Yael Henkin

Department of Communication Disorders
חוג למודי הפרעות בתקשורת סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Yael Henkin
Phone: 03-6409217
Fax: 03-5352868


Senior Lecturer, Department of Communication Disorders, Tel Aviv University 

Head- Hearing, Speech and Language Center, Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer


Research focuses on neurophysiologic and behavioral manifestations of auditory processing, as well as the relation between the two, in the normal and impaired auditory system. By means of event-related potentials (ERPs), voltage changes recorded from the scalp that trace events in time known to reflect discrete stages of neural processing, and a functional imaging technique (sLORETA), we study the time-course and cortical activation patterns during auditory (speech) processing. Of special interest are patients that have experienced bilateral and/or unilateral auditory deprivation and are habilitated by cochlear implants (CI) and/or hearing aids (HA). Currently under study are neurophysiologic processes that underlie: (1) Binaural processing in children that were sequentially or simultaneously implanted, in those using CI and HAs (bimodal hearing), and in those with HAs; and (2) Auditory-cognitive processing in elderly patients with CI.


Additional lines of research incorporate neurophysiologic and behavioral measures for studying: (1) The effect of auditory processing disorders (APD) on perceptual and post-perceptual stages of linguistic processing; and (2) The involvement of the peripheral and central auditory system in selective mutism and autism. 


Understanding normal and impaired auditory processing contributes to the formation of rehabilitative technologies and approaches for auditory disorders.


Recent Publications

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