Prof. Daniel Khananshvili

Emeritus in Physiology Pharmacology
פיזיולוגיה ופרמקולוגיה אמריטוס
Prof. Daniel Khananshvili
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Office: Sackler School of Medicine, 5


Associate Professor, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University





Postdoctoral Research in Ion-transport Mechanisms and Enzymology

Brandeis University, Waltham, USA
1980-1986 Ph.D in Biochemistry and Bioenergetics The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
1976-1979 M.Sc in Biochemistry and Neurochemistry University of Tbilisi, Georgia, former USSR

B.Sc in Chemistry and Biology

University of Tbilisi, Georgia, former USSR



Mechanisms, Regulation and Pharmacology of Calcium Transporting NCX Proteins

Calcium (Ca2+) is a major regulator in the living cell. In many cell-types the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger proteins (NCX) represent a major Ca2+ extruding system and thus, play a key role in regulating the Ca2+-dependent events in the cell. Three NCX genes form numerous splice variants, which are expressed in a tissue-specific manner to regulate excitation–contraction coupling in heart, long-term potentiation and learning in brain, blood pressure, immune responses, neurotransmitter and hormone secretion, kidney Ca2+ reabsorption, mitochondrial bioenergetics, etc. Altered expression and regulation of NCX proteins is a chief contributor to Ca2+-driven tissue-remodeling in heart failure, cerebral ischemia, hypertension, diabetes, renal malfunction, muscle dystrophy, etc. For example, in cardiac disease a single isoform/splice variant (NCX1.1) is overexpressed, thereby representing a primary concern for life-threating arrhythmias and contractile malfunction. Selective pharmacological targeting of NCX variants is expected to recover Ca2+ homeostasis in predefined cell types and thus, may improve desired activity of altered tissues/organs.


Since this breakthrough remains challenging our research efforts are focused on two principle issues: a) To resolve structure-activity relationships underlying the function and regulation of diverse NCX variants; b) To develop new experimental approaches for selective pharmacological targeting of tissue-specific NCX variants with a goal of providing new opportunities for preventing and effective treatment of harmful diseases. In this respect we investigate structure-activity relationships in the wild-type and mutated proteins by exploring a wide spectrum of techniques (stopped-flow and ion-flux assays, FRET, SAXS, ITC, X-ray crystallography, confocal microscopy, patch-clamp, etc). In searching the regulatory mechanisms of CBD1 and CBD2 domains we found that the tissue-specific splice segment, located on CBD2, shapes the regulatory specificity of the primary Ca2+ sensor located on CBD1. These findings may allow the identification of drug candidates targeting the disease-related NCX variants.


Publications & Grants


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