Airport exhibit on scientific discoveries features TAU scientist

A new exhibit in Ben Gurion International Airport will showcase research from 60 pioneering Israeli scientists, including TAU's Karen Avraham

05 July 2016

TAU’s Prof. Karen Avraham’s research on the genetics of hearing is one of 60 pioneering achievements chosen for a new year-long exhibit in Ben Gurion International Airport (BGI.)


Israel’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Space launched the exhibit as a means to expose millions of travelers to the innovative feats of Israeli science. Science has been an important part of Israel’s national identity since the formation of the state, when many prominent Jewish scientists called for the establishment of scientific research institutes as an important economic and national priority. The ensuing achievements of Israeli scientists have bolstered Israel’s status in the world as a respected center for innovative research, with many Israelis winning prestigious awards for their groundbreaking discoveries.


As the Minister of Science, Technology and Space Ofir Akunis stated, “Israel is a pioneering country and an innovation leader. The entire world admires, and is amazed by, our achievements; therefore, it is fitting that they be shown at the gateway into and out of Israel."


The exhibit features approximately 60 important scientific achievements, chosen on the basis of their innovative qualities and impact on humanity. Amongst sections devoted to past Nobel and Turing laureates are contemporary displays of ongoing research. 


Prof. Avraham, of Sackler’s Dept. of Human Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, focuses her research on how hearing works at the molecular and genetic level. She has identified key genes involved in the auditory system and learned how hereditary deafness is derived from disruptions in the sequencing and function of genes. Her findings are the foundation for the development of new treatments to prevent and counteract hereditary deafness.


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