New journal – JIMS - Journal of Israeli Medical Students

JIMS operates according to the "For Students, By Students"

16 February 2022
New journal – JIMS - Journal of Israeli Medical Students

JIMS, Journal of Israeli Medical Students, is a scientific-student journal founded by Israeli medical students, with the aim of connecting all Israeli medical students, whether in Israel or abroad. JIMS issues are distributed twice a year. Moreover, JIMS owns an Independent Internet website and community, online courses and social network pages, all in English. The project incorporates similar models operating at leading universities such as Harvard or Yale, while recognizing the importance of maintaining the connection with all Israeli students around the world. Our main goal is to promote medical research among future Israeli physicians. Using the various platforms, the project will provide an infrastructure and accelerator for cultivating excellence and leadership by encouraging scientific medical research among medical students.


Guy Melamed was the editor-in-chief for the first issue


Daniella Vaskovich Koubi, MD-PhD student, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, is the current editor


JIMS operates according to the "For Students, By Students" approach and is published twice a year. JIMS is distributed in a digital format, to the thousands of medical students studying in Israel through the universities, as well as to the thousands of Israeli students studying medicine overseas, through a first-of-its-kind infrastructure built in the past year. In addition, JIMS prints each edition of the journal in an amount of thousand copies, which are distributed at universities and among senior health officials in Israel. Through the promotion of medical research and the creation of a hub of excellence, led by students, JIMS is about to create a bridge and partnership with thousands of students studying abroad. The Faculties of Medicine in Israel approved that some of the publications of articles in JIMS will be a substitute for submitting a thesis, due to the conditions and submission of thesis proposal before the article is published.


In addition, JIMS awards scholarships of excellence to students who have presented outstanding achievements and published the results of their research and discoveries in the journal. These scholarships are awarded based on the selection of a committee of senior physicians and researchers, which operates by certain criteria and in full transparency. The scholarships will enable outstanding students to continue their research, and will be an incentive for Israeli medical students, in Israel and around the world, to research, lead and excellence.


We invite you to participate in JIMS by submitting articles, consuming courses or following the web content. 


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