Introduction to Pharmacology

A unique and innovative course introduced to medical students with great success

24 February 2019
new intro to pharmacology course


A unique and innovative "Introduction to Pharmacology" course was introduced last year to medical students.


The classical frontal-lecture course was replaced by a hybrid course, based on on-line learning and in-class sessions. A new model based on the “flipped classroom” pedagogical approach was developed: the


students actively study at home a specific topic, at their own pace followed by a mandatory active-learning lesson that provides in-depth discussion of the topic and an opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge.


Students use interactive reading materials and watch videos as part of their preparations for class. Both reading material and videos are enriched with animations, simulations and questions with immediate feedback. All of the course lecturers participated and filmed their lectures, creating short and focused interactive videos for self-study.


The mandatory in-class sessions are diverse and creative as well, to increase student engagement. For example, one lesson was designed as a competition to solve a quest, in another, students themselves prepared creative study products, etc.


The course was launched after a vigorous year of preparations, led by Dr. Masha Gouzman Allouche and Dr. Sharon Weiss, and was highly praised by both lecturers and students.

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