An urgent message to the TAU community from President Porat

Dear Campus Community,
In the past few days, extremists have been voicing dangerous ideas, such that threaten to harm the delicate social fabric of our democracy even by their mere utterance. The absurdity is that the originators of these ideas seem to believe that they are entirely legitimate so long as they are supported by a majority in the Knesset. There is no greater distortion of the concept of democracy!

A few days ago, before we were informed of the idea to repeal criminal prohibition of racist rhetoric, or to permit discrimination in providing services (including medical services), I spoke briefly at an event about the meaning of democracy and the most basic duty of a democratic regime – to protect the rights of its minority groups. A video recording can be found 

Similar to other institutions who have made such a declaration, Tel Aviv University too will not cooperate with any bodies that adopt a policy of wrongful discrimination.

I hope that the days to come will be brighter, that the gloomy clouds will fade away, and that the voices of sanity will prevail. We must all stand guard.

Happy 2023 to you and your families,

Prof. Ariel Porat
President, Tel Aviv University

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