New research published by Adnan Mahly and Chen Luxenburg

New research published by Adnan Mahly and Chen Luxenburg

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Anillin governs mitotic rounding during early epidermal development


The establishment of tissue architecture requires coordination between distinct processes; however, the underlying mechanisms remain poorly understood. In the current study, we identify a crucial role for anillin (ANLN), an actin-binding protein, in orchestrating epidermal morphogenesis. It is well documented that ANLN activity is essential for epithelial health and its aberrant expression contributes to the development of severe kidney diseases and various cancers; however, its function was never explored in physiological relevant mammalian epithelia.


In-utero RNAi-mediated silencing of Anln in mouse embryos disrupted epidermal architecture marked by adhesion, polarity, and basement-membrane defects. Unexpectedly, these defects cannot explain the profoundly perturbed epidermis of Anln-depleted embryos. Indeed, even before these defects emerge, the Anln-depleted epidermis exhibits abnormalities in mitotic rounding and its associated processes: chromosome segregation, spindle orientation, and mitotic progression. These results demonstrate that ANLN is essential for epidermal morphogenesis and identify a novel role for ANLN in mitotic rounding, a near-universal process that governs cell shape, fate, and tissue morphogenesis.         

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