MOH restrictions updated July 7, 2020

MOH restrictions updated July 7, 2020

Guidelines are constantly updated, so please stay informed on any reliable news websites, and on the Ministry of Health’s English website, as well as our own email system.


The following services will be closed:

  •       Public swimming pools and water parks
  •       Gyms – including the Einstein dorms gym
  •       Spaces designated public shows, concerts, and fairs
  •       Clubs and bars
  •       Event venues (starting tomorrow)


 Updates for the dorms residents and visitors:

  •       Wearing a mask is mandatory around the dorms complex, including upon entering the dorms' gate.
  •       The gym is closed until further notice
  •       If you have to be self-quarantined, please let the Student Life Team know. 


General Guidelines

·       It is compulsory to wear a mask when leaving your house (violation is subject to an increased fine of NIS 500)

·       It is compulsory to maintain a distance of 2 meters between people

·       Do not enter a public place with fever or respiratory symptoms

·       Do not use playground equipment in a park or public area

·       Elevators may not have over 2 occupants at a time: in buildings over 5 stories high, the limit is 50% of the licensed occupancy)

·       Prayer houses are open up to 50 people, while maintaining a 2 meters distance between individuals

·       Psychotherapy is allowed without a mask, if a 3 meters distance is maintained.


Academic Institutions

·       Keep a distance of at least 2 meters from others.

·       Masks are required.

·       Up to 20 people may gather in a space on the condition that each person keeps a distance of 2 meters from others.

·       Your temperature will be measured upon your entrance to campus.


Private Transportation

·       A private vehicle may hold up to 3 people (including the driver), except for essential medical purposes or a nuclear family.


Public Transportation

·       Do not sit in the row behind the driver.

·       Only one person may sit in a row (except for members of the same nuclear family)

·       Maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters from other people

·       Taxis may carry up to two passengers in the back seat, and the vehicle’s windows must remain open

·       Train: eating and drinking is forbidden during the ride, and mask-wearing is required at all times. Before entering the train it's mandatory to issue a train ticket (please note     that instead of Israeli ID number you can use your passport number). you can read the details here:


Shopping centers and markets:

·      open with limited entrance to ensure space between individuals.

·      Sanitizing stations will be available.

 ·     Masks are required.


Retail and Other Services (according to Purple Badge rules)

·      Limited entrance to ensure space between individuals

·      In professional meetings and discussions, no more than 20 may participate, and they must keep a distance of 2 meters from others.

·      When using a place of business for a conference, meeting, event, etc., you must ensure that it works in accordance with the Purple Tag rules.

·      Businesses such as hair salons, beauty salons, etc. – open and require clients to fill out a health declaration.

·      Hotels are open, without bars in their area. Dining rooms are limited to 20 people.



Restaurants, Bars and Clubs

·      Bars and clubs will be closed.

·      Restaurants may have up to 20 customers in a closed-space and 30 more in an open space, with distance between tables.

·      No cultural events with an audience or crowd will be held (concerts, exhibitions, stand-up comedy shows, etc.).


 Outdoors, sports and public spaces

·      National parks, natural reserves and zoos are open.

·      Beaches are open; visitors are required to remain distant from one another

·      Up to 20 people may gather in a space on the condition that each person keeps a distance of 2 meters from others.

·      Physical activity (working out) is allowed alone or with one other person without maintaining distance.

·      Public gardens and parks are open and outdoors gyms may be used while maintaining distance from others



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