MedMent: A New Mentoring Program for Medical Students

“MedMent” was launched in a successful conference - "The First Clinical Years Students' Annual Meeting"

30 May 2023

Are you a medical student in your clinical years at Tel Aviv University? Do you want to get guidance and support from experienced doctors who have been in your shoes? If so, you might be interested in “MedMent”, a new mentoring program that was initiated by students like you.


“MedMent” was launched in a successful conference - "The First Clinical Years Students' Annual Meeting", featured lectures by prominent faculty members, such as Prof. Avraham (the faculty dean), Prof. Shalev, Prof. Giladi, Dr. Levtzion-Korach and Dr. Dreznik. The topics covered career and family planning, financial management, academic opportunities and research, and innovation in medicine.


From the right: Sigalit Ben Hayoun, Prof. Varda Shalev, Prof Karen Avraham, Dr Yael Dreznik, Din Ben Hayoun


The mentoring program “MedMent” aims to match medical students with mentors who can offer them personalized advice and guidance throughout their clinical years. The program is based on three monthly meetings between the mentor and the mentee, each with a specific goal:


- First meeting: getting to know each other and setting personal goals.

- Second meeting: follow-up and continued goal setting.

- Third meeting: summary and feedback.


The program is designed to meet the needs and preferences of each student, based on a questionnaire they fill out before joining. The mentors are doctors who have volunteered to share their knowledge and experience with the next generation of medical professionals.


“MedMent” is the first mentoring initiative of its kind at the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. It is created and run by students: Din Ben Hayoun, Tal Rabin, Lion Zukerman and Yuval Singer. Din shares about his motivation: “As we progress through our medical studies, we gain more knowledge but feel like we don’t know enough about how everything goes in the field itself. Medicine is an apprentice profession, so it is more than natural to start sharing knowledge in the clinical years – years of important decisions and opportunities to make difference on our future.”  They hope that the program will help medical students navigate their clinical years with more confidence and clarity.


Stay tuned as the sign-in for the next round of “MedMent” will start at the beginning of the next academic year.


Din Ben Hayoun


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