Elective Certificate


The Electives Program does not give grades, only confirmation of participation.


Special note: Departments do not maintain records of procedures, attendance periods or evaluations of our program participants. Participant is responsible to ask for an elective confirmation no later than the end of an elective period.


Only the specific department of your elective can issue a statement of your attendance on their official paper.


Please be sure it will not include:

  • start or end on Friday-Saturday, holidays, the date of a flight, or missing days that are done before, while or after actual attendance (such as being out of Israel).
  • For example, Surgery-Orthopedics is not for surgery only. However, only our office can add a note to the verification document that it is a part of a Surgery division. The same follows for other sub-division departments.


We do not have an elective certificate Form. Any Forms from students schools are subject to the Electives Program discretion.


If you would like to receive a verification of attendance signed by our Dean and Program's Coordinator, you have to submit to our office the official signed & stamped department's document of actual attendance exactly according to the above requirements. 


You can also Email us a clear scanned PDF of your elective department certificate, together with a verification of your last date in Israel, such as a stamp in your passport or your flight ticket. 


We will Email you a scanned copy & Airmail the original to the address provided with the above.


All the above guidelines are non-negotiable.

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