Application Process

Admittance Terms

Applicants must:

  • Be fully matriculated overseas M.D. students that have completed their official clinical studies in requested discipline area/s for elective.
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of spoken and written Hebrew or English.
  • Follow all guidelines for registration and enrollment. Failure to comply may result in a delay in admittance into the program. Unless officially approved in writing by the program, the application does not constitute acceptance.

Israeli residents: Application requires evidence of valid insurances with Bituah-Leumi & Kupat-Holim. During the elective period, particpants must have evidence of valid Bituah-Leumi, Kupat-Holim membership & personal accident insurance.


How to register

Registration begins no more than 6 months before the start of an elective.

It is possible to only take an elective one time in each subject / division, for a minimum of 3 weeks and not exceeding 8 weeks. A gap of 8 weeks must exist between the end of one elective and the start another.

The program can accept a student for up to 24 weeks of electives in total during M.D. studies.  


Elective / Student Exchange,  cannot begin / end on:

Friday, Saturday and the national holidays listed below. During these times, limited clinic staff work and administrative offices are closed. 

In the summer months, specifically in August when vacation is common, there is limited activity and less appointment medical procedures. 


National Holidays (including weekends)






March 20-23

March 6-11


April 19-20

April 3-18

Israeli Independence Day

May 8-11

April 27- May 2


June 7-10

May 28-30

Jewish New Year

*no electives during this time

Sept 27- Oct 26

May 8-11
















Each elective rotation period must be on a separate application form.                                 

Each application form requires a different login and password.

Overlapping elective periods are not permitted. 

Listing more than one choice of department on an application form is preferred. Placements are according to applicant's department/s type preferences only  in any accredited teaching site affiliated with TAU. Neither overseas or local students can chose a specific placement site.


Placement's process begins after:

An elective application is submitted to our administrative panel with original  signatures, stamped with registered school seal, and all other document/s required.


Timeframe of placements

Up to 40 days before an elective period, on the condition that an elective application arrived to our office up to 4 months before an elective period begins and fulfilled all requirements to enable us to start the placement process. 

We do our best to provide placements as soon as possible.

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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