Application Process

updated: 07.07.2021

Admittance Terms


Before applying, please make sure to read the following:


During elective period participants must

  • Be fully matriculated overseas M.D. students.
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of spoken and written Hebrew or English.
  • Follow all guidelines for registration and enrollment. Failure to comply may result in a delay in admittance into the program. 


Filing applications accordingly:

  • Applications should be filed no more than 6 months in advance of an elective.
  • An elective rotation period is for a minimum of 3 weeks and must be submitted using the application form. Listing more than one department choice on an application is preferred. Overlapping elective periods are not permitted.
  • You will need to create a new log-in & password for each Form. Do not list the same choices on separate applications. 
  • Electives cannot begin / end on Friday, Saturday and on the holidays listed below. During these times, there is limited clinical activity, no academic activity, and administrative offices are closed.






Feb 25- 27

March 16-19

Passover  *no electives during this time

March 26-April 4

April 15-23

Israeli Independence vacation

April 14-17

May 4-7


May 14-17

June 3-5

Jewish New Year holidays *no electives during this time

Sept 3- Oct 2

Sept 23-Oct 17













Placement process begins:

After the electives office receives the required documents (see list below) in one email sent to, as a clearly scanned PDF, no more than 6 months before an elective.



1. A printed submitted numbered  application form from our online panel, signed & sealed by registered home school, (or attached an official home school English study status) and hand written signature by applicant.

2. Payment form according to 


Placement Timeframe:

We do our best to provide placements as soon as possible, and up to 40 days before an elective period, on the condition that an elective application fulfilled all requirements and arrived to our office up to 4 months before an elective period begins.


Unless officially approved in writing by this program confirming acceptance relating to their Application No., applicants are not considered approved.



















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