Electives for Overseas Medical Students

Students on a clinical rotation

Updated: 3/2/2022


The Sackler Faculty of Medicine at the Tel Aviv University (TAU) is Israel's largest institute of medical education and offers a wide variety of degree programs.


TAU's Elective Program established in 1986, offers Medical students the opportunity to explore options while developing new skills. It hosts an average of 120 overseas medical students each year. 


TAU's Electives Program is solely responsible for the registration and approval of rotation placements for overseas MD students at any accredited hospital departments and primary care teaching facilities affiliated with Tel Aviv University in Israel, all of which have an equally high level of professional education and instruction.  

Each elective application is for a time period of 3 to 8 weeks and in only of the departments desired by the applicant. It is up to the applicant to attend the entire applied period. We don't offer rotations in our clinical affiliated departments for pre-clinical students. If you would like to make any changes on your submitted elective application, please inform us ahead of time. 

We welcome you and your colleagues to take part in the program by submitting an elective application on our administrative web panel, between 4-6 months in advance to an elective period. 


It is always required to continue to check for program updates: https://en-med.tau.ac.il/elective_program


TAU's Elective Program, cannot sign on agreements with applicants' home schools.


Any question / inquiry / before, during or after an elective rotation should be directed through the TAU’s Electives Program office only.


Activity during Electives 


Participants take part in routine departmental clinical activities, participate in bedside supervised rounds, and attend seminars and conferences. Due to hospital restrictions, practical hands-on training is limited. We do not have detailed syllabus descriptions for electives. 


Theoretical lectures, clinical research and exams are not a part of this program. 


Clinical work is carried out in Hebrew. Patient files and reports are in Hebrew.  Lab reports are generally in English.  Hospital and clinic staff assist students with non-Hebrew-speaking patients whenever possible. 




Official status is that of non-matriculated Tel Aviv University students, with the accompanying rights, duties and responsibilities equivalent to the medical students of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine on their elective rotations.   


Placement process:


According to department type, preferences at hospital departments and primary care clinics affiliated with TAU, all of which have an equally high level of professional education and instruction. As much as possible: not too far from housing area stated in application form. The departments do not inform us in advance regarding who will be supervising the participants.

The documents required for submission should be sent in one email, no more than 6 months before an elective, including all details on the payment form.

Changes to a submitted application can be made by the elective office only after receiving an email from the applicant.


Please note- we do not keep copies of applications past the first date of the elective period if you are not participating the elective period. 


In light of the COVID events worldwide:


Participants must meet the guidelines for international travelers issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health. When checking into the elective rotation, each participant must present all of the following to any associate of the program:


1. Letter of acceptance from elective office with passport/ID

2. Personal medical care and accident insurance according to program requirements.

3. According to the Israeli Ministry of Health, during the elective period participants must have a recent, original, signed and stamped vaccination verification from their school in English only as specified here.

4. Personal record/booklet of vaccinations.


We are currently unable to accept overseas citizens

Please do not send us your required signed application documents. We will inform each student who submitted a numbered “Elective Application” form on our Administrative panel, how to proceed for the applied period.


The program administration is regularly active and online through email correspondence for any assistance you may need. 

Submitted applications are handled in the order they are filled. We do our best to arrange placements as soon as possible. Please be sure you have reviewed all submission details before submitting your application.



Contact Information


Electives Program

Sackler Faculty of Medicine

Tel Aviv University

6997801 Tel Aviv










Office location: 

School of Medicine, room 101

Office hours:

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10:00-14:00



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