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The Department of Endodontology is in charge of teaching endodontology in the School of Dental Medicine. This branch in dentistry focuses on issues and topics related to histology, pathology, physiology, microbiology, immunology, and etiology of lesions in the pulp and periapical tissues, their diagnosis and treatment. The department teaches undergraduate students in their last 3 clinical years.


At the end of the program, the student will:

  • Understand the biologic basis of endodontic disease and treatment.
  • Acquire basic skills involved in root canal therapy of various tooth types.
  • Implement the skills in radiographic techniques and interpretation, endodontic examination,   diagnosis, and treatment planning skills.
  • Understand the need to maintain the patient's teeth in the mouth, functionally and aesthetically.


Advanced Specialty Graduate Program in Endodontics

The Advanced Graduate Program in Endodontics is a 3-year program leading to a certificate in endodontics given by the School of Continuing Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine. According to the Ministry of Health regulations, the 3-year program consists of two full academic years in the Department of Endodontology, in which half time training, i.e., 4 years in the clinical training part, is given in our department, 6 months basic science training (can also be conducted in the department), and 6 months electives.


The purpose of the program is to develop competent endodontists with an extensive background in the biological sciences, research methodology, and teaching. This broadly-based education in endodontics and related phases of graduate education provides the student with a thorough preparation for careers in specialty clinical practice, research and/or academics. The program is also designed to satisfy the guidelines for taking the specialty examination of the Scientific Council of the Israel Dental Association.


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