Information for M.Sc. Applicants

M.S.c. application deadline 21.8.24


Registration and Admission Criteria

The M.Sc. program allows holders of the baccalaureate degree to specialize in their area of baccalaureate studies or a contiguous area.


Students can be admitted under one of the following categories:


Regular Students

Applicants who earned a baccalaureate or equivalent degree from an accredited institution of higher learning, graduated with an average of 80 or higher, and meet the admissions criteria of the School of Graduate Studies can apply for regular admission. Suitable applicants may register at the Registrar’s Office in Hebrew here; application payment can be made my credit card on this site. To apply in English, fill out the following application for admission here. Include documents requested, CV and application payment of $130 by check, made payable to Tel Aviv University. Mail all material to: Registration and Admission Office, Tel Aviv University, Ramat- Aviv, Tel-Aviv 6997801. 


The M.Sc. Committee reviews all applications. Suitable applicants are invited to personal interviews, based on which the committee makes its decisions. Admission to the School of Graduate Studies is based exclusively on academic achievement. Rejected applicants may appeal in writing to the Committee for Student Appeals. The committee considers all appeals and submits its recommendations to the M.Sc. committee.


In addition to the above, admission to the School of Graduate Studies is conditional upon the willingness of a faculty member to advise the applicant. The faculty member's consent must be obtained before the beginning of the school year and is subject to approval by the M.Sc. Admissions Committee.


Applicants with prior post-graduate education from a different faculty or another accredited university must take at least 50% of their course credits required of M.Sc. students at the Sackler School of Graduate Studies.


Students with an M.D., D.M.D. or D.V.M. degree may complete their M.Sc. studies in one year by taking only the program’s advanced mandatory courses, seminars and electives. They are exempt from the program’s basic courses (6 credits) on the condition that they had taken them within five years prior to enrolling in the M.Sc. program. (For detailed information on the expiration of past credits, see University-wide TAU regulations.)


Two advanced joint-degree programs — M.D.-M.Sc. and D.M.D.-M.Sc. — are designed for students who completed their bachelor’s degree in medicine or dentistry with distinction. Students in these categories may complete the M.Sc. degree in as little as one year. The duration of the entire program is at least one year longer than the regular M.D. or D.M.D. programs.



Probationary Regular Students 

Applicants who have yet to receive their bachelor’s diploma may register as probationary regular students. They must then submit their bachelor’s diploma (with a final average of 80 or higher) by the beginning of the school year.



Provisional Students

Applicants recommended for admission by the Committee of M.Sc. Students who have not completed their bachelor’s degree by the beginning of their first year of M.Sc. studies may be admitted as provisional students, on the condition that outstanding coursework does not exceed three courses and that their grade average at the time of registration is 80 or higher.



Special Status: Students Required to Complete Baccalaureate Coursework

This category includes students whose baccalaureate coursework did not include some or any of the following: biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, organic chemistry, and general chemistry. Students in this category may be admitted under a special status requiring them to complete any missing coursework as determined by the Admissions Committee. To become regular students, they must complete the missing coursework within one year of enrolling in the M.Sc. program and obtain a grade of 80 or higher in each course. Such baccalaureate courses are additional to the required M.Sc. coursework and do not count towards it.


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