Academic Guidelines

The following regulations apply to all research students:


1. All Ph.D. students must participate actively in all the mandatory, elective and remedial courses required for completion of the doctoral degree, and complete each course at a grade of 80 or higher.


Courses or workshops taking place abroad may count toward completion of coursework requirements, subject to approval in advance by the School’s Committee for Research Students and to submission of signed documents confirming the student’s participation. The Sackler Faculty of Medicine limits coursework taken abroad to 2 credits.


Each student’s curriculum must be approved by the Committee for Research Students, subject to the advisor’s recommendations.


In addition to the regular curriculum, the Committee for Research Students may require further remedial coursework, exams and assignments. Students required to complete further coursework or assignments must do so prior to submission of their research proposal.


 2. Students must attend 25 departmental or interdepartmental colloquia in the course of their studies.

Each Ph.D. student needs to fill out a seminar attendance form and submit it together with the final dissertation to the Office of the School of Graduate Studies.

During the final year of studies, each student must present his or her research in at least one colloquium and present written verification of completion of this task.


3. Each Ph.D. student at the School of Graduate Studies must submit a final report on his or her doctoral research. The report must be approved by the student’s doctoral committee before the student can submit the final dissertation to the Office of the School of Graduate Studies. Dissertations will not be accepted by the office without the committee’s prior approval.


Appendix A: Course Registration Forms

Appendix B: Research Proposal Submission Guidelines

Appendix C: Progress Report and Final Report Submission Guidelines

Appendix D: Doctoral Dissertation Submission Guidelines



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