In Memoriam: Michael Galaun

Chairperson of the Council for Zambia Jewry and the driving force in establishing the collaboration between two Public Health Institutions in Zambia and Israel

28 July 2016

We are deeply saddened by the news of Michael Galaun's passing. Michael Galaun was the chairperson of the Council for Zambia Jewry and the driving force in the donation of funds and facilitating the academic cooperation and exchange program between Tel Aviv University School of Public Health (TAU SPH) and Copperbelt University School of Medicine (CBU SOM) in Ndola, Zambia. The faculty and students at TAU SPH are incredibly grateful for Michael Galaun’s generosity and dedication. 


Michael Galaun’s contribution reflected his deep commitment to serve his community with the prospect of preventing diseases and saving lives in both countries. It is the hope of TAU School of Public Health to fulfill Michael Galaun’s legacy through our continued partnership with the Zambian community and Copperbelt University School of Medicine. 


The exciting plan to enhance cooperation between the two universities envisioned for Zambians to come to Israel for the summer to study at the Summer Institute of Advanced Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at TAU SPH and professionals from TAU SPH to go to Zambia to lead workshops. In the past two years, several students and faculty from CBU SOM have participated in the Summer Institute as a result of Michael’s efforts. It is also hoped that in future there will joint research proposals between the two Public Health Institutions in Zambia and Israel. TAU SPH faculty are also involved in the establishment of the Master of Public Health program at CBU SOM.


Michael Galaun received the Presidential Golden Jubilee Medal on the 50th Anniversary of Zambian Independence in 2014. He was an inspiring man who touched many lives with his generosity and joy. 


Y'hi Zichro Baruch - יהי זיכרו ברוך ​​


To learn more about Michael’s contribution to the TAU-Zambian Partnership in Public Health and the Zambian Jewish Community Public Health Wing, click here.​


The following text is an excerpt from Telfed’s online article, Inauguration of the Zambian Jewish Community Health Wing and Exchange Program at the School of Public Health, Sackler Faculty of Medicine.


In 2014 The Council made a donation to the Copperbelt University School of Medicine in Zambia to be used for the development of its medical campus in Ndola, which opened doors in 2011. The contribution was a significant step towards a broader cooperation between the University and Zambian Jewry. Subsequently the Council also made a donation to Tel Aviv University to be used to renovate the 9th floor of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, the School of Public Health. Explaining their motives for these two donations, Michael Galaun, Chairman of the Council of Zambia Jewry, explained that “one of the greatest ways to serve the community is to save lives and hence Medicine is very important.” Michael also expressed joy at the opportunity for the Council to support a Public Health Institution stating that “if you keep public health to a very high level, you avoid disease, you avoid clutter in hospitals and ultimately you save lives.”

For those who wish to read more about the fascinating history of Zambian Jewry, an updated version of the book Zion in Africa by Hugh MacMillan will be available through Amazon in September 2016 with an additional new chapter detailing developments in the last 15 years since publication of the first book. 

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