Postdoctoral Fellowships

The goal of the Postdoctoral Fellowship is to enable young researchers, authorized as eligible for a third degree by another institution, the opportunity to conduct advanced scientific research, either as part of a well-based research team or in an established field of research, under the guidance of a senior academic staff member. In exceptional circumstances and with authorization from the committee, permission to conduct Postdoctoral Fellowship will also be granted for those who have completed their third degree at Tel Aviv University (provided that the fellowship will be conducted in a different unit, and that the advisor will not be connected to the research team which conducted the doctoral research) or those continuing their studies in the same laboratory where the doctoral research was conducted (provided that the period of the fellowship will not exceed one year).



A candidate for Postdoctoral Fellow status can be any researcher who has been eligible for a third degree for a period not exceeding five years.


Notwithstanding the above, candidates with an MD or MD/PhD degree and soldier-students inducted to the IDF after receiving their PhD, are entitled to be conferred with postdoctoral fellow status for a period of ten years, beginning on the day of their eligibility for their degree (MD or MD/PhD, whichever is first) provided they were not granted an academic appointment of the rank of lecturer or above.


A candidate who seeks status as a Postdoctoral Fellow, regardless of whether his/her request includes a request for a scholarship from the university, and regardless of whether or not a scholarship was received from an outside source, will prepare a request including his/her CV, list of publications, the names of three recommenders, the details of the unit willing to accept the candidate, and a short description of the fellowship program as agreed on with his/her advisor. This request should be submitted to the head of the unit.


A University Committee for Postdoctoral Fellows will decide on the suitability of the candidate to be awarded the status of Postdoctoral Fellow in the university and recommend the granting of scholarships to Fellows. The rates of the granted scholarships by and through the University and the arrangements for their payment are determined by the administration from time to time. The scholarship will be granted for one academic year. The Committee, however, is entitled to decide to grant or to recommend granting the scholarship for an additional academic year, based on the Fellow’s activity and achievements during the first year.



A Fellow should not engage in other employment during the period of the Fellowship (either in the University or otherwise), and should dedicate all his or her time and efforts to the fellowship for the entire period of the Fellowship.


Notwithstanding the above, upon approval from the Committee, the Fellow is entitled to engage in teaching for up to four hours per week during the academic year. The teaching shall be compensated for in pay, as determined by University authorities.



At the end of every academic year, the advisor and the Fellow shall present a short report of the Fellow’s academic activity over the course of the year. The report should include copies of scientific papers, regardless of whether they have been published or not.

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