Committees of the School of Graduate Studies

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Teaching Committee


  • To monitor the progress of the school’s courses
  • To review and approve (or reject) new courses
  • To suggest and plan required courses not currently offered by the School’s program


The following individuals may petition the committee

  • Students may report problems with existing courses or request new ones
  • Faculty may suggest new courses or revisions to existing ones

Contact:  Committee Coordinator Ms. Niza Cahalon,  ext. 9244, room 211,

M.Sc. Committee


  • To coordinate activities pertaining to the School’s M.Sc. students



  • Coordinate admissions interviews
  • Allocate scholarships to admitted students
  • Review research proposals
  • Review M.Sc. theses and select outstanding theses
  • Organize open days to recruit new applicants


Contact: Committee Coordinator Ms. Niza Cahalon, ext. 9244, room 211,

Ph.D. Committee


  • To coordinate activities pertaining to the School’s Ph.D. students and monitor students’ progress



  • Set criteria and procedures for Ph.D. student admissions, including special academic requirements
  • Make student admissions decisions
  • Appoint committees to monitor the progress of the School’s research students
  • Monitor the progress of students’ research projects
  • Appoint reviewers for students’ Ph.D. dissertations
  • Handle special cases



The Committee convenes once a month to review ongoing issues and interview Ph.D. applicants.


The following individuals may petition the committee

  • Ph.D. applicants
  • Ph.D. students
  • Ph.D. advisors


Contact: Einat Dahan,

M.D./Ph.D. Committee


  • To organize and run the school’s M.D./Ph.D. program, designed to allow outstanding practicing physicians to conduct research within the School of Graduate Studies



  • Monitor the M.D./Ph.D. program
  • Advise students interested in the program
  • Interview and select applicants; advise successful applicants about selecting summer laboratories and choosing advisors
  • Handle all issues pertaining to students’ training and research, during the program and at the clinical stage


Other activities

  • Organize conferences and other forums to introduce the program’s students and alumni to representatives of hospitals and research foundations
  • Encourage hospitals to hire the School’s alumni in order to help develop medical research in Israel



M.D.: Ms. Mira Nir, ext. 6053, room 214, 

Prof. Jonathan Leor, 

Scholarship Committee


  • To review Ph.D. and M.Sc. students’ applications for scholarships



  • Review the applications based on (1) students’ baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate grades and (2) the interviews, in which students are expected to demonstrate knowledge of cutting-edge biological research and comprehension of the research conducted in the laboratory they wish to join.
  • Determine the sums granted, based on the student’s program/track (M.Sc., Ph.D., direct Ph.D., M.D./Ph.D.) and individual achievements, as specified in the school’s guidelines. All sums granted by the Scholarship Committee must be matched by the student’s advisors, and are conditional upon such matching. All scholarship decisions are subject to the “Scholarship Allocation to Advisors” section of the graduate school’s guidelines.


All scholarship applications must be submitted to the Committee’s Coordinator.


Scholarships are allocated to eligible students who meet all relevant requirements.


Contact: Committee Coordinator Ms. Galit Ephraim, ext. 7266, room 212,

Committee for Student Appeals


  • To handle students’ complaints and appeals regarding various academic and personal difficulties, including problems pertaining to their advisors


The committee is devoted to helping the students meet their academic deadlines and requirements.



  • To represent appealing students and help resolve any difficulty to the student’s satisfaction



Committee Coordinator: Ms. Niza Cahalon, ext. 9244, room 211,

Committee Chair: Dr. Koret Hirschberg, ext. 5935, room 447,


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