Recommended Immunizations


Beginning in the academic year 2014-2015, vaccines are no longer given in the Faculty for laboratory technicians, graduate students, and researchers working with lab animals. However, the Faculty recommends that students and researchers independently complete the vaccinations, as recommended by the Ministry of Health.  


The recommended immunizations are designed to protect employees and students during their work in the research labs and hospitals. The immunizations are essential for disease protection.


Students, researchers, and employees can receive the recommended vaccinations at HMO clinics and in travel clinics within hospitals.



Recommended vaccinations

  Hepatitis B

  • Immunization requires three doses of the vaccine over a six-month period. It is recommended for employees and students who are exposed to human blood.  
  • Four to eight weeks after the last dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine, students and lab workers must submit the results of a blood test that positively shows the presence of anit-HBs (Hepatitis B antibodies.) 
  • If a student or lab worker was previously immunized for Hepatitis B, they are also required to submit test results that show the presence of anti-HBs.
  • Antibody testing is performed independently through a family doctor. If a student/lab worker receives a negative or a low positive result for the antibodies, they may receive the vaccinations again in consultation with the family doctor. 


  • One dose of the dT vaccine against diphtheria and tetanus is required for all students and employees who work with animals, if they have not been immunized in 10 years or more. 
  • Vaccination is also required for those who did not receive a full vaccination (at least 3 doses) in the past.  



After completing the relevant immunizations, all students and lab workers must submit confirmation to their lab manager or to the manager in charge of the lab animals. 


Additionally, students and lab workers must submit this information to Michal Ofer, Immunization Compliance Coordinator for the Faculty.

Tel: 03-6409798



**Please only email to update your personal computerized immunization card.


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