Genetic Counseling

M.Sc. in Medical Sciences with a Specialty in Genetic Counseling

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Michal Berkenstadt

Academic Advisor:

Prof. Karen Avraham

Academic Advisor:

Prof. Lina Basel




This program is available in Hebrew only.


Genetic counseling is a rapidly developing field that applies the study of human genetics to the personalized care of patients and their families. A genetic counselor provides services related to genetic diseases, prenatal diagnosis, identification of carriers of hereditary diseases, the detection of hereditary components of malignant diseases, and more. This profession combines an in-depth study of human genetics and new technologies with psychosocial counseling skills. 


The M.Sc. program provides a balance of theoretical knowledge with practical training that is carried out in genetic institutes affiliated with Tel Aviv University. The program is tailored to be clinically applicable from the start.


In order to become a genetic counselor, an official certificate must be obtained from the Ministry of Health. This certificate is only given to graduates of a master's level program or higher in human genetics who have successfully completed an internship and certification exam.



Conditions of admission and registration

To be considered for admission, applicants must have completed their B.Sc. in Life Sciences/Biology and/or B.Sc. in Medical Sciences with a minimum grade of 85.


Candidates from other health professions will also be considered. In addition, an applicant with a bachelor's degree in Pyschology with appropriate course credits will be considered. Each candidate will be reviewed individually.


In addition to the registration form, applicants must provide the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • Letter explaining the candidate's motivation and interest in the program


A committee will review each candidate's files and schedule promising applicants for interviews. Admission to the program is based on academic excellence and the committee's assessment during the interview.



Duration and course of study

The two-year program takes place over four semesters in a structured program with 45 semester hours. The program does not include a thesis.


The curriculum includes mandatory courses and elective courses from the graduate program of Medical Sciences as well as special courses and seminars for the Genetic Counseling program. Students will need to complete laboratory classes and clinical training in genetic counseling at genetic institutes affiliated with Tel Aviv University.



Final grade

Students must maintain an average grade of 80+ in courses and clinical training to receive their M.Sc. 


The student's final grade includes:

  • 70% average grade of courses 
  • 20% seminar essay
  • 10% evaluation of clinical training


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