Appendix C – Progress Report Submission Guidelines

Progress reports and Final reports instructions for submission. Please note that the submission is online. After submitting the report, another message will appear with further instructions for you to continue the process with the accompanying committee



Progress report submission





Final report submission




Progress Report

From the date of approving the research proposal and passing to Phase B, the student must submit a progress report with the supervisor's approval once a year, on the achievements of his / her work.

The report requires the approval of the accompanying committee and the PHD committee.

The approval of the progress reports will indicate their satisfaction with the research development and its findings, and that the student and his/her research are on a track that guarantees his ability to complete the research task in his or her time frame.


Report length should not exceed 15 pages.


The report should be submitted at the above link.


Final report

Submission of the Final report is compulsory for every doctoral student in the Graduate School and is a prerequisite for submitting the research thesis.

Only after approval of the final report by the accompanying committee, the student will be able to write and submit the final thesis to the Graduate School Secretariat.

The doctoral dissertation will not be accepted at the Graduate School Secretariat without the prior approval of the accompanying committee members of the concluding report.


Report length should not exceed 15 pages.


The report will be submitted at the above link.


Each student must submit annual progress reports, beginning one year after approval of the research proposal. Progress reports will be submitted in three printed copies, with two copies of the research proposal. The second progress report must be submitted together with two copies of the previous year’s progress report. A final progress report will be submitted in three copies towards the end of the dissertation.


The cover page of each report must include the name of the department, the research topic, the student’s name and ID, the period covered by the report, and the name/s and signature/s of the student’s doctoral advisor/s.


Each report must include the following:

  1. Summary of the student’s research progress: Briefly note the goals presented in the original research proposal and the way they were accomplished during the period covered.
  2. Results: Describe the results obtained during the period covered, including the required graphs, figures, diagrams and tables.
  3. Discussion and conclusions: Note the conclusions drawn from the results and plans for further work. Explain how further work will help meet the goals described in the original proposal.
  4. A list of scientific publications (including work in progress) and active participation in scientific conferences.


The Results section may be submitted, in whole or in part, in the form of papers published, accepted for publication, or submitted for consideration (with a letter from the publication confirming submission), subject to the following conditions:

  1. The student must be the first-listed author of at least one of the papers submitted.
  2. For papers where the student is not the first-listed author, the Results section must note which of the results presented in the paper form part of the student’s Ph.D. research.
  3. The papers must note that some or all of the results were obtained as part of the student’s Ph.D. research. Recommended statement: “This work was performed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Ph.D. degree by [NAME OF STUDENT], Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel.”


Submission of research results within papers does not exempt the student from submitting the other above-listed section: Progress summary, conclusions and discussion, and list of publications and conferences.


The final progress report must include a chapter summarizing and discussing all results obtained during the research (3 pages), noting how the results meet the goals presented in the original research proposal.


Failure to submit a progress report in a timely fashion, without approval by the Committee for Research Students, might lead to termination of studies.


The Office of the School of Graduate Studies will not accept Ph.D. dissertations without prior approval by the members of the advisory committee confirming the submission of a final progress report. 


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