updated: 02.06.2022

10x Genomics Scientific Challenge

Early Career Investigator Award 2022

Empowering the future of neurodegenerative disease research

Nominations will be accepted starting June 1 and ending June 30, 2022.


New researchers offer new perspectives. Their visions can shape the future of neurodegenerative disease research to change the way we understand, treat, and make better lives for those suffering from these debilitating illnesses. To help early-stage researchers make their visions a reality, we’re proud to announce the second annual 10x Genomics Early Career Investigator Award (ECIA) for excellence in neurodegenerative disease research.

The ECIA will award one early-stage researcher $50,000 in 10x Genomics products, empowering them to accelerate their mission to untangle the complex biology of neurodegenerative disease with cutting-edge single cell and spatial technologies. Nominations will be accepted from June 1—30, 2022. We encourage you to nominate someone whose early work is shaping the future of neurodegenerative disease

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Single Cell Challenge 10x Genomics Grant ProgramDeadline past due


SCGC, 10x Genomics and Danyel Biotech

are Sponsoring a Grant Program for Innovative Investigators at TAU and Affiliated Hospitals


We are inviting TAU researchers to submit an abstract sharing your innovative plans to use single cell sequencing solutions from 10x Genomics in your research. The goal of this program is to help TAU researchers as they seek to generate pilot data to submit in support of future grant applications, and to enable the use of cutting-edge solutions from 10x Genomics for genomic and translational research. Submit an abstract (max 300 words) proposing a pilot research project that uses one of the single cell solutions from 10x Genomics: Single Cell Gene Expression, Immune Profiling or Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin (ATAC).

Deadline-April 30, 2022




Grant on Single Cell Analysis of Human Disease- Deadline past due


The Suzanne Eichinger-Henke Donation is generously supporting a venture of the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, to promote excellence in research between basic scientists (Preclinical Faculty of the Sackler School of Medicine) and hospital-based MDs and PhDs (with academic appointment at the Sackler School of Medicine) in the field of single cell analysis and human disease. This year the Research Fund will provide two seed money research grants for the amount of up to 40,000 NIS, supporting fundamental and translational research into the causes, mechanisms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease using single cell analysis.


Criteria – interactive collaboration between Preclinical Faculty (tenure-track PI) based at the Ramat Aviv TAU campus and hospital-based MD or PhD with academic appointment at the Sackler School of Medicine*. Only 1 application per PI can be submitted.

Proposals will be managed by the TAU Grant Committee and evaluated by outside reviewers.                                                                                                                                                                   


Application for seed money 40,000 NIS grant

Format for grant proposal

Scientific background, with an emphasis of the medical question.

Research aims.


Role of the Preclinical PI and the Clinical PI.

How will each PI contribute to the research goal?

Collaboration strategy.

Budget justification.


Limit up to 5 pages. References can be beyond the 5 pages.

CV of each participant – NIH Biosketch or TAU CV format


DEADLINE: January 1, 2020

Please upload application in 1 pdf file here

Grants committee: Prof. Karen Avraham, Prof. Benny Dekel

*If you are unsure if you fit this criteria, please contact Karen Avraham, prior to writing the proposal.




PDF of instructions


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