Every year the Gertner Institutes awards several scholarships to a select group of outstanding students doing research in the field of Medical Nanosystems at Tel Aviv University



2019 - 2018 Scholarship Recipients


  • Adham Basha (Msc Candidate), Academic Mentor: Prof. Amit Kohn, Research Title: Ultra-thin “husler alloys” films for
    spin based-electronic applications
  • Adva Krivitsky (Phd Candidate), Academic Mentor: Prof. Ronit Satchi-Fainaro, Research Title: Design, synthesis and characterization of novel polymeric nanocarriers for oligonucleotides delivery
  • Artem Danilevsky (Msc Candidate), Academic Mentor: Prof. Noam Shomron, Research Title: Combining nanopore sequencing with deep learning to perform real-time selective sequencing
  • Hila Sharim (Phd Candidate), Academic Mentor: Prof Yuval Ebenstein, Research Title: Beyond Genetics – Mapping DNA Chemical Modifications in nanochannels and nanopores
  • Marina Buzhor (Phd Candidate), Academic Mentor; Prof  Roey Amir,  Research Title: Spectrally active smart micillar nanocarriers
  • Nofar Veiga (Phd Candidate), Academic Mentor: Prof Dan Peer, Research Title: A Modular Platform for Targeted RNAi Therapeutics
  • Udi Binshtok (Phd Candidate), Academic Mentor: Prof. David Sprinzak, Research Title: Long range Notch signaling through filopodia: mechanisms and consequences


2017 – 2018Scholarship Recipients 


  • Ron Feiner (PhD Candidate), Academic Mentor: Prof. Tal Dvir, Research Title: Developing a BionicHeart – Integrating Electronics with an Engineered Heart
  • Nofar Hemed(PhD Candidate), Academic Mentor: Prof. Yosi Schacham, Research Title: Performance and Reliability of Si Nanowire-Forest Sructure for Biosensor Applications 
  • Kai Tao (PostDoc Candidate), Academic Mentor: Prof. Ehud Gazit, Research Title: Bio-Inspired Self-Assembling Semiconductors for Restoration of Defective
  • Shoshy Mizrahy(PostDoc Candidate), Academic Mentor: Prof. Rimona Margalit, Research Title: Nanomedicine Based Cancer Therapeutics - From Genome Wide Screening for Novel Cancer Targets to Lipid Nanoparticle Based Delivery In Solid Tumor Models
  • Richa Pandey (PhD Candidate), Academic Mentor: Prof. Yosi Schacham, Research Title: Detecting Dopamine Level Using Bimetallic Nanoparticle Based Biochip
  • Moumita Ghosh(PostDoc Academic Mentor: Research Title:Developing Screening Methods for the Identification of New Drug to treat Osteoporosis and Spaceflight Osteopenia
  • Avital Gilam(PostDoc Candidate), Academic Mentor: Prof. Noam Shomron, Research Title:  Local MicroRNA Delivery Targets Palladin and Prevents Metastatic Breast Cancer
  • Michal Halperin Sternfeld(PhD Candidate), Academic Mentor: Dr. Lihi Adler Abramovich, Research Title: A Novel Scaffold Based on Nano-fibrils and Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel Incorporated with Whitlokite as a Tool for Bone Tissue Engineering


2016 - 2017 Scholarship Recipients


  • Ram Avineri (PhD Candidate), Academic Mentor: Prof. Roy Beck Barkai, Research Title:
  • Ron Feiner (PhD Candidate), Academic Mentor: Dr. Tal Dvir, Research Title: Developing a Bionic Heart – Integrating Micro and Nanoelectronics with an Engineered Heart
  • Michal Halperin Sternfeld (PhD Candidate), Academic Mentor: Dr. Lihi Adler Abramovich, Research Title: Hybrid Hydrogel Based on Nano-Fibrils and Hyaluronic Acid for Periodontal Therapy and Bone Regeneration


2015-2016 Scholarship Recipients


  • Guy Jacoby (PhD Candidate), Academic Mentor: Prof. Roy Beck Barkai, Research Title: Controllable Metastability in Lipid-Based Particles.
  • Ram Avineri (PhD Candidate), Academic Mentor: Prof. Roy Beck Barkai, Research Title:
  • Reuven Edri (PhD Candidate), Dr. Tal Dvir, Nancomposite Hydrogels Delivering iPSC-Derived Neurons for Regenerating the Injured Spinal Cord
  • Ron Feiner (PhD Candidate), Academic Mentor: Dr. Tal Dvir, Research title: Integrating Advanced Micro and Nanoelectronics with Engineered Tissues
  • Boaz Styr (PhD Candidate), Academic Mentor: Dr. Inna Slutsky, Research Title: The Role of Fast-Spiking Interneurons in Homeostatic Regulation of Firing Patterns in Neuronal Networks


2014-2015 Scholarship Recipients


  • Gali Fichman (PhD candidate), Academic mentor: Prof. Ehud Gazit  ,Research title: Mussel-Inspired Nanotechnology for the Design of Novel Biomaterials.
  • Michal Shevah (PhD candidate), Academic mentor: Dr. Tal Dvir ,Research title: Nanoengineering conductive thermo-responsive hydrogels for treating myocardial infarction.
  • Rachel Blau (PhD candidate), Academic mentor: Prof. Ronit Stachi-Fainaro, Research title: Non-invasive intravital monitoring of drug release from novel polymeric nanomedicines


2013-2014 Scholarship Recipients


  • Guy Jacoby (MSc candidate), Academic mentor: Dr. Roy Beck, Research title: Characterizing Temperature Induced Liquid-Crystal Metastability in Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Vesicles
  • Hadas Gibori (MSc candidate), Academic mentor: Prof. Ronit Satchi-Fainaro, Research title: Targeting pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma with an anti-cancer microRNA polyglycerol-amine polyplex
  • Leeya Engel (PhD candidate), Academic mentor: Prof. Yosi Shacham-Diamand, Research title: Micro/Nano Scale Sensors and Actuators Based on Electroactive Polymer P(VDF-TrFE-CFE)


 2012-2013 Scholarship Recipients


  • Kfir Steinbuch (MSc candidate), Academic mentor: Prof. Michael Gozin (Exact Sciences), Research title: Development of HA-mimicing Polymerizable Self-assembled Nanofibers for Targeted Delivery of Hydrophobic Therapeutic and Diagnostic Agents
  • Ilia Ryvkin (Postdoc), Academic mentor: Prof. Rimona Margalit and Prof. Alexander Kotlyar (life Sciences), Research title: Hyaluronan-targeted gold nanoparticles for cancer phototherapy
  • Michal Shuman (Ph.D candidate), Academic mentor: Dr. Tal Dvir (Life Sciences), Research title: Vascularized micro and nanoenvironment for engineered cardiac patch


 2011-2012 Scholarship Recipients


  • Anat Eldar-Boock, Anti-angiogenic and anticancer polymer therapeutics bearing paclitaxel and RGD peptidomimetics for the treatment of breast cancer
  • Inna Bendikov-Bar, Lysosmal glucocerebrosidase entrapped in nanocarriers as a novel treatment for Gaucher disease
  • Hemda Baabur-Cohen, Polymeric nanomedicines rationally-designed for a non-invasive intravital monitoring of combination drugs
  • Tal Yoetz, Novel Design of Binding Protein-Metal Hybrids for Direct Electrochemical Sensing of Biorecognition Events
  • Arie Ryvkin, Steps towards developing a universal influenza vaccine


Past scholarship recipients (2004-2011)


  • Gil Mor
  • Inbal Mermershtain
  • Dr. Lihi Abramovich
  • Asaf Shoval
  • Lilach Vaks
  • Inna Bar
  • Hanit Marom
  • Eyal Drug
  • Linda Hussami
  • Keren Miller
  • Anat Eldar
  • Ayal Lavinstein
  • Giora Beit Yaakov
  • Dr. Tamir Gabay
  • Tsvi Shmilovich
  • Yariv Wine
  • N Koteeswara Reddy
  • Anat Marom
  • Hila Dagan
  • Dr. Gabi Shefer
  • Anat Grossman-Jonish
  • Dr. Asher Peled
  • Ehud Segal
  • Dr. Ilia Rivkin


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