BioMed @ TAU

BioMed @TAU is a collective of biomedical Research Hubs at Tel Aviv University. The biomedical scientific community at TAU performs a vast array of research, encompassing basic to translational research spread across several faculties and hospitals. The Hubs gather together scientists from across the university and in TAU-affiliated hospitals who share overlapping research interests. These collaborative groups will host conferences and events related to their subject area in order to highlight advances in the field as well as in their own research. The Hubs will also provide the opportunity to strengthen collaborative research between scientists at TAU and will leverage opportunities for collaborative research, joint grant applications and external funding.


This Hub is for the community of people at TAU working with microbes and host responses to them.
Scientists explore the epigenetic basis of normal development and disease
Pain management is not a simple task, and this Hub is for doctors and researchers who address it.
Lab Photo from Sagi-Eisenberg
Membrane Communication & Remodeling
This Hub includes researchers in cell communication and membrane trafficking & remodeling.
Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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