Prof. Jacob Peleg

ביה"ס לבריאות הציבור סגל אקדמי קליני
Prof. Jacob Peleg
Phone: 03-6407870


Head, Disaster Medicine Department at the School of Public Health, Tel Aviv University

Head, Israel National Center for Trauma and Emergency Medicine Research, Gertner Institute. 



Professor Jacob (Kobi) Peleg is the Head of the Disaster Medicine Department at Tel Aviv University (TAU) School of Public Health. He is also the Head of the Israel National Center for Trauma and Emergency Medicine Research at the Gertner Institute.  As a leader in trauma-related research, Prof. Peleg lectures on disaster response, Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) management, disaster medicine, and optimization of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) at Tel Aviv University and other higher education institutions throughout Israel and worldwide.


Prof. Peleg has extensive experience in disaster response. He served as the Head of the Civil Defense of the Medical Branch in the First Gulf War. He has also served as the Head of Operations, Training, and Organization of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) Medical Corps and held several command positions in Israeli field hospitals in Rwanda (1995), Armenia earthquake (1988), and Haiti earthquake (2010).  Prof. Peleg acted as a National Emergency System consultant for the World Health Organization (WHO). He has done extensive consulting work in Emergency and Disaster Preparedness for numerous organizations, Ministries, and private companies, as well as led several Mass-Casualty Management Courses for national and international organizations, including WHO and the Lombardia MoH. He has published over 100 articles in the leading journals and is on the Editorial Boards of several academic and scientific journals.


Prof. Peleg is currently a member of the Israeli National Council for Trauma and the National Committee of MCI. Prof. Peleg is also an expert for the United Nation Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) and was an UNDAC expert during the response to the 2009 earthquake in Indonesia. In addition, he was the Chief of the IDF Medical School (Col.), the Senior Advisor to the Israeli Minister of Health, and an Executive Board Member of Magen David Adom (Israeli EMS).


Research Interests

  • Trauma Epidemiology
  • Trauma Systems 
  • EMS Systems 
  • Disaster Medicine 
  • Disaster Management 
  • NASS Casualty Incidents
  • Preparedness and Response


Selected Publications

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Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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