New research published by Yoni Haitin and Moshe Giladi

updated: 14.06.2022

New research published by Yoni Haitin and Moshe Giladi



Title: Structural basis for long-chain isoprenoid synthesis by cis-prenyltransferases


Summary: In every cell of the human body, the long-chain cis-prenyltransferase complex synthesizes dolichols, ubiquitous isoprenoids crucial for the N-glycosylation of numerous proteins. In this study, we provide detailed analyses of the structure-function relations governing the catalytic activity of this important enzyme. Using a combination of cutting-edge biophysical and biochemical approaches, we unveil the molecular mechanism underlying dolichol formation and expose the cellular membrane as a non-enzymatic constituent vital for the efficient activity of this complex. Importantly, understanding this unique mechanism may facilitate the development of future drugs targeting diseases caused by mutations in this enzymatic complex, and also enable discoveries in the field of biotechnology, as similar cis-prenyltransferases are known for their role in rubber production in plants.

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