Our Faculty members awarded Grant

Israel Precision Medicine Partnership Grant in association with Israel Science Foundation

25 May 2020
Faculty members awarded the Israel Precision Medicine Partnership Grant in association with the Israel Science Foundation
  • Gil Ast, with Roded Sharan 

Elucidating epigenetic mechanisms that drive autism spectrum disorder and tailoring a personalized treatment 


  • Talma Hendler and Noam Shomron, with Malka Gorfine and Lior Wolf

Dynamic risk prediction model for post trauma psychopathology based on multi-scale and multi-layered profiling of stress response 


  • Benny Dekel and Yair Anikster, with Tomer Kalisky

Modeling tubulopathies using patient-specific kidney organoids for renal precision medicine: mitochondrial disease-associated Fanconi syndrome as proof of concept 


  • Talia Golan and Lawrence Yaacov Richard, with Keren Yizhak and Eyal Gottlieb

Defining sensitivity and overcoming resistance to PARP inhibition in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma using combined genomics and metabolomics tools 


  • Eli Sprecher, with Ruby Shalom-Feuerstein and Or Zuk

Genetic & epigenetic modifiers of disease phenotypes: skin disease as a paradigm 



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