Thesis Completion Procedure

1. General

1.1. This procedure is intended for graduates from the Department of Emergency and Disaster Management at Tel Aviv University, who have completed their studies in this program without a thesis and who are interested in completing a thesis.

1.2. This procedure outlines the threshold conditions for registration, the registration process, as well as the main guidelines for participation in the track for completing the thesis at the Department of Emergency and Disaster Management.

1.3.Applicants should note that this process is not applicable to students who have been accepted to study in the M.DM. program and are interested in switching to a research track (thesis) during their studies.


2. Conditions for thesis completion

2.1.Admission to the thesis completion track is conditional on meeting all of the following threshold conditions:

2.2.1. Holds a master's degree in emergency and disaster management from Tel Aviv University;

2.2.2. An overall average grade of 90 or higher in the aforementioned master's degree;

2.2.3. A grade of at least 85 in the courses "Quantitative Methods", "Research Methods", and "Scientific Writing";

2.2.4. Obtained a consent of a faculty member approved by the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University for thesis guidance;

2.2. These conditions are threshold requirements for registration, and do not guarantee admission to the track. Based on all of the candidates' data, the departmental Research Students Committee will make the admission decision.


3. Application deadlines

3.1.Prior to the fall (first) semester and prior to the spring (second) semester, a discussion will be held regarding the submission of applications to the thesis completion track.

3.2. To begin studies in the fall semester, applications must be submitted by August 20.

3.3. To begin studies in the spring semester, applications must be submitted by January 20.


4. Applicants are required to submit the following documents:

4.1.Master's degree transcript

4.2.Up-to-date resume

4.3.Declaration from the eligible intended supervisor regarding his/her consent to guide the candidate.

4.4. Two recommendations from academic faculty, indicating the candidate's potential for academic research.

4.5. Statement of Purpose which will include reference to the candidate's motivation to complete the thesis, field of research, presentation of the thesis subject in the field of emergency and disaster management, concise review of relevant literature, importance and innovation of the proposed research, and the candidate's preliminary general approach to methods of the study. The statement of intent will not exceed 1500 words and will be submitted in English.

4.6. It is possible to attach additional documents that demonstrate relevant academic and research abilities.


5. Instructions for submitting the application

5.1. Students wishing to register for the thesis completion track should do so through the regular university registration system (Israeli citizens) or the International portal (foreign students).

5.2.All of the documents listed in section 4 must be submitted as part of the registration process.


6. Admissions Committee

6.1. If a candidate meets the threshold requirements for registration and submits all required documents by the deadlines listed above, their application will be considered by the departmental Student Research Committee.

6.2. The committee will receive from the thesis instructor (directly) an evaluation of the candidate's Statement of Purpose and the planned study program (if required).

6.3.A personal interview may be scheduled with candidates, if necessary, to obtain a more detailed understanding of the candidate.

6.4.All the candidate's data will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee before a decision is made on acceptance or rejection. The committee's decision is final and cannot be appealed. Candidates who are rejected by the committee will not be permitted to submit an additional application for registration except in the following year.


7. Track requirements for thesis completion

7.1. If more than five years have passed since graduation, accepted students will be required to retake the courses "Quantitative Methods", "Research Methods", and "Scientific Writing".

7.2.At the discretion of the supervisor, a student may be required to complete additional courses relevant to their proposed thesis subject.

7.3. Students will be required to register independently for the courses. Registration instructions will be posted close to the registration deadline. It is necessary to complete courses by the end of the research work and the submission of the thesis for judging.

7.4. The student may proceed with the research proposal once all the required steps have been completed.

7.5. The student and supervisor are responsible for obtaining approval for the research from the University's Ethics Committee.

7.6. The research proposal must be submitted at the latest one year after admission to the program. It will be possible to extend a student's study period by a further six months in exceptional cases, provided that the student submits a written request to the Department’s Student Research Committee before the end of the first academic year.

7.7.Generally, a master's thesis must be completed within one year of the date of approval of the research proposal.

7.8. The same procedures of the School of Public Health that apply to students pursuing a master's degree in a research track will also apply to those completing a thesis in the Department of Emergency and Disaster Management. The School of Public Health’s procedures will prevail in the event of conflict between this policy and School’s procedures, except in the case of threshold requirements for registration for the thesis completion track in the Department of Emergency and Disaster Management.

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