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About the Electives Program

The School of Medicine at the Sackler Faculty offers elective training rotations at various Israeli hospitals for clinical medical students who study for MD degrees overseas, with a comprehensive understanding of spoken and written Hebrew or English.


The Sackler Faculty of Medicine is Israel's largest institute of higher medical education. The Sackler School of Medicine, the Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine and the School of Health Professions offer professional degrees; in addition, the Faculty also provides continuing medical education. The Graduate School offers further research studies towards MSc and PhD degrees.


Overseas students must apply via this website & follow this program application procedure before planning any training rotations at hospital departments or community clinics affiliated with Tel-Aviv University.


Since 1986, the Electives Program is hosting an average of 150 participants per year.Elective studies are designed to grant additional clinical experience and training to qualified students who have already completed their CLINICAL official studies in their requested discipline, in accordance with their university syllabus.


Each elective rotation is conducted on an individual basis, with the participant positioned in one of the community health centers & hospitals whose departments are affiliated with the Tel-Aviv University Sackler Faculty of Medicine.


Participants take part in routine departmental activities such as supervised rounds, bedside instructions, seminars and conferences. They observe most of the professional activities. However, due to hospital restrictions, practical hands-on training is limited. Theoretical lectures and clinical or basic research are not given as part of this program.


Department work is carried out in Hebrew. The patient files and reports are in Hebrew.  Lab reports and recipes are usually in Latin/English. The hospital staff will attempt to assist students with non-English-speaking patients whenever possible.


The participant’s official status during their elective period is that of a non-matriculated Tel-Aviv University student, with all accompanying rights, duties and responsibilities, and is entitled to receive a Dean’s letter from the Tel-Aviv University Sackler Faculty of Medicine, certifying participation.


Applicants must also note the following:

  • Applicants are encouraged to apply 4-6 months in advance.
  • Elective Application Forms must include: All relevant details, as well as original signatures of the applicant and the applicant’s school authorities + Payments of handling fees. We recommend Applicants for Electives to put 4 desired departments in the Application Form. 
  • Applicants must follow all guidelines for registration and participation as established on this website: failure to comply may result in complications during the applicant's Elective period, including possible delays in granting acceptance to the Program. Only original hard copy Applications are processed at our office, and no more than 6 months before each elective, thus please, avoid submitting applications before, although, we understand that schools need to know well in advance about their students’ plans as well as the students themselves.
  • Participants must follow the Program’s insurance and immunizations requirements and must carry the appropriate documents while participating in the program.
  • This Electives Program attempts to accommodate students' preferences with regards to hospitals/clinics however, we cannot guarantee placement in specific hospitals/clinics.
  • Tourist visas Some applicants may require arranging tourist visas at their countries prior entering the State of Israel – the Program cannot assist in obtaining such visas.
  • Attendance Conditions: Regular attendance is required on morning shifts for 6-8 hours, excluding Fridays and Saturdays. Occasional days off are provided for official holidays and group outings. Participants must notify the secretariats of both their department and the Program regarding potential absences. Unjustified absences will not be recognized as part of the elective. All Program and hospital/clinic regulations must be followed at all times. Participants may not exceed their approved elective period without authorization from the Program.
  • Certificates of attendance issued by the hospital and by the Electives office can specify only actual presence during the elective - if an elective period concludes on a weekend or a holiday, it is the student's responsibility to obtain these certificates personally afterwards!


Participants are required to bring their own stethoscopes.


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