Overview of the Electives Program

Medical students in our Electives Program take part in routine departmental activities at TAU-affiliated hospitals and clinics. They participate in supervised rounds, give patients bedside instructions, and attend seminars and conferences. Due to hospital restrictions, practical hands-on training is limited but students will have the opportunity to observe clinical activities. Theoretical lectures and clinical research are not a part of this program.


Department work is carried out in Hebrew, and  patient files and reports are in Hebrew.  Lab reports are generally in English, and the hospital staff will assist students with non-English-speaking patients whenever possible.


The participants' official status during their elective period is that of non-matriculated Tel Aviv University students, with all the accompanying rights, duties and responsibilities. They are entitled to receive a Dean’s letter from the Tel-Aviv University Sackler Faculty of Medicine that certifies their participation.


Participants are required to bring their own stethoscopes.


Mailing Address

Electives Program

Sackler Faculty of Medicine

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv, Israel 69978


Phone: +972(0)3-6423428  Fax: +972(0)3-6407321

Email: elective@post.tau.ac.il


Office Hours: Our office is located in the Sackler Faculty of Medicine building, room 101.

Reception open 10:00-14:00 Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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