Announcing Scientific Prizes for Parkinson’s Disease

updated: 21.07.2021



The Aufzien Family Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, hereinafter referred to as “APPD”, will award prizes through a new program in Parkinson’s Disease. APPD is committed to support excellence in fundamental and translational research into the causes, mechanisms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Parkinson’s Disease by awarding new scientific prizes – Established and Junior.


The APPD Scientific Prizes will be awarded to an investigator in recognition of the excellence and impact of his/her work in Parkinson’s Disease. The Prize will honor major research discoveries.


The amount of the Prize is set to $10,000 USD for the Established Scientist Prize and $5,000 USD for the Junior Scientist Prize.


Established Scientist Prize: Ten or more years of experience in a tenure track position at a University or Institute. Began position before October 1, 2012.

Junior Scientist Prize: Ten or less years of experience in a tenure track position at a University or Institute. Began position after October 1, 2012.


The Prizes are open to investigators in an Israeli University, hospital or institute holding a faculty position in a University as either M.D., Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. and still active in research/practice (Emeritus status not eligible). Candidates must be Israeli citizens and reside in Israel. 


Current members of the APPD Steering Committee are ineligible.


Nomination process

Nominations to the Prize may be submitted by a peer or self-nominations. In case of self-nomination, letters must be sent directly from referees.


Required documents

In order to nominate a candidate, a peer will need to:

  • fill out the nomination form
  • provide the CV (documenting the candidate’s academic records, professional experience, distinctions and awards, main lectures/presentations) and the full list of publications of the candidate
  • gather three letters of support (includes the nominator letter, for total of three)

All the documents must be submitted in English ONLY


Electronic submission

The documents must be submitted electronically as one PDF file via email to Rinat Zaslavsky <> by September 30, 2021. No supplementary material other than the documents requested are accepted. 



General considerations

Incomplete applications or applications not complying with the APPD policies will be administratively rejected. Any misleading or false statements will render the application null and void. Late applications will not be accepted. 


Acknowledgment of receipt

Upon receipt of the electronic application by APPD, the nominator will receive an acknowledgment of receipt to the e-mail address provided in the nomination form.



Peer-review process

The APPD policies are intended to ensure that all nominations are evaluated on a fair and timely process, free of bias.


Admissibility and review process

The APPD Steering Committee will verify the admissibility of nominations and compliance with the present APPD policies. Compliant nominations will be evaluated by an ad hoc selection committee composed of experts in Parkinson’s Disease external to the APPD Steering Committee. Once the ad hoc selection committee has completed its selection of candidates, the APPD Steering Committee will select the laureate of the Prize as the one reaching the absolute majority of votes. In the event of a tie, the Co-Directors of the APPD will have the casting vote. 


Evaluation criteria

Nominations will be evaluated using the following evaluation criteria: 

  • The quality of the candidate and his/her recognition within the research community
  • The expertise, past experiences and achievements of the candidate
  • The originality, quality and excellence of the candidate’s research work
  • The impact of the candidate’s research on Parkinson’s Disease  


The ad hoc selection committee, as well as the APPD Steering Committee, are sovereign in their deliberations, which are confidential and not subject to any appeal in any way by the nominator, his/her institution or the candidate. If the quality of the nominations does not meet the APPD requirements, the APPD Steering Committee is free to dismiss all the applications and not award any Prize. 


Award considerations


Prizes amount

The amount of the Prize is set to $10,000 USD for the Established Scientist Prize and $5,000 USD for the Junior Scientist Prize and qualifies as personal money (subject to tax regulation). Candidates must be Israeli citizens and if awarded, provide home address, ID number, bank account number, and withholding tax rate approval.


Prize conditions

The Prizes will be awarded to the laureate subjected at an award ceremony (date to be announced)


Key dates 

Launch of the call                                             July 15, 2021

Nomination deadline                                        September 30, 2021

Prize notification                                              November 2021



For assistance, contact e-mail: Rinat Zaslavsky <>


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